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Vancouver Wa
Seems to be that landscape removals are allowing me new material to try new things with. My question being this. My trunk calliper is about 5 inches maybe six. I have several low laying branches on the tree already. I was planning on a trunk chop at about 3 and half feet. The tree is about twelve feet tall. Should i make my trunk chop now in the dead of dormancy or should i wait. Iw as thinking dormancy woudl be best but we also do not get freezing temperatures often. In fact the weather seems to barely keep anything dormant here. I noticed on a small twig that there is a sap bleed. so i am weary of attempting to keep the tree it has to be removed by mid summer at the latest. I knwo for sure i will air layer segements form the lower brnaches as they seem to weep downward and woudl be awesometo make a few cacades with. Will the Sango Kaku with stand a drastic trunk chop likethis?? I have already trenched around the tree down about two feet out about 3 or so to make the root ball manageable later on. So i would say a trunk chop would be a 60 to seventy percent reduction of the tree and that seem very crazy but can the tree handle that abuse givin that it will have a semi professional nursery to live in for after care. I am curious as to also how well will a trunk shop heal up or will i need to figure out a way to incorporate a large hollow through my tree?? Or if the wood is treated could a nice deadwood be perserved on a maple?? I have never seen deadwood and maples really so i am thinking it it is not a do able thing. This tree will be the frist trunk chop other than the wisteria already abused i am looking at collecting this year. I have found myself tired of fodderingt hrough nurseries for projects top airlayer down and most of my trunks go to a friend and i have no idea if she gets them to grow back. I knwo many have died and a few live in here back yard still but I never really got a good opinion on the feedback so i was wodering who has reduced maples this insanely before for collection purposes. Shoudl i collect and reduce the tre over time . I can afford easily to lolse the top half of the tree as it is mostly lanky growth and tapers off fast as all sango seem to do. If successful i am looking at a three and half tall tree with a six inchish size trunk. I figure this is well in preportion to wild maples being tall thin and lanky in growh somewhat. Your info and opinions please
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