Walter Pall Round Table


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Walter Pall Round Table
We at, Bonsai Vault, are delighted to announce that Walter Pall has agreed to be our next guest on Round Table, a chat facility in which a special room is allocated for this event. This will take place on October 18th at 4 pm EST.

It gives the members an insight of the visiting Artist as to their perceptions of bonsai with a diversity of questions being fielded by the group. We have had two Round Table sessions in the past months, the first with Hans van Meer followed by Daniel Robinson both of whom did extremely well 'thinking on their feet' so to speak. Below will give the guidelines of how this works.

How the Round Table is run and what you need to do to prepare.

The round table consists of twelve people; the artist, the moderator, and up to 10 participants. The Round Table will last an hour, perhaps longer if the artist is enjoying themselves and agrees to stay longer. Each participant is given 5 minutes to ask the artist questions, share pictures, and get responses to questions from the artist. If the round table isn’t full, the participants' time will be extended to ask questions. We have included a 10 minute buffer for over run of question and responses as well as the usual introductions.

Participants should prepare their questions prior to the Round Table to maximize their given time. They should have extra inquiries in mind in case the room doesn’t fill, the artist stays late, or there are duplicate questions. They should also have any pictures ready you wish to share. Bonsai Vault’s chat will allow uploads up to a 10 MB picture. However we suggest resizing pictures if you are on dial up so not to waste time uploading pictures.

As a courtesy to others and their time, Please do not interrupt during their time to carry on a dialogue.

The day of the Round Table you will receive a PM indicating which room it will be held in. That room will be open 30 minutes prior to the Round Table for you to enter. We request that you be present no later than 10 minutes prior. If any participant is not there by ten minutes to the start of the Round Table their seat will be forfeited and given to the next person on the over-flow list.

We hope all who participate will enjoy this live format experience and be enriched by it.

Ash :)
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Hey Ash;

Is there any way to "save" the round table to share it with people who can't make the session? I am thinking of a video perhaps, or even audio with an accompanying graphics file?
The transcript of the event will be saved then edited (if need be) and posted for members to view. Live interaction by web cam would be the ultimate for all sites I would think but it would prohibitive for bandwidth as it stands. If the servers lift parameters and keep the costs minimal this would be a dream. What we are doing is starting on the bottom rung of a huge ladder. One step up from the interview situation on other sites, which are great but we are all evolving.

Ash :)
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