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Made corner posts for a vegetable garden install. 6x6 corner posts. two 4x4's will join each other with a 45deg mitre at the end. should look nice and sharp. Long term plan will be to stain them the color of the client's deck and install some hanging basket hooks or solar lights. mounted on top.

Technically yesterday, but I was too tired to care about posting :)

Ran a full day workshop. Supposed to finish between 4 and 5. We ended up continuing well into the evening. Great group, great trees. But LOTS of discussion on trees. And in the end.. We did some styling. (And I broke a branch on on of their trees. Yikes, first time for me to damage someones' tree! Anybody any tips how to handle that? I apologized and we reworked the canopy but.. Awkward moment!)

Added one more cinder block to lift my Mayhaw mayhem row. It was too low and difficult to mow and weed under.
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Its incredible how "ease of mowing" factors into bench design, amirite?

Tax (in spirir): Waiting for rain to stop to mow my own yard so thd kids can be put out to pasture:
I put this together yesterday. It's a Variegated Portulacaria afra. The green tape I'm using is not to hold the plant in place, it's to bend the branches in the direction that I want them. With this type of succulent, using wire can bruise the thicker branches so you have to be more gentle. In about a month I'll be able to remove the tape because it tends to hold the shape a lot quicker than a woody plant.

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