What I did the weekend of the 4th

Paul H.

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Here is some photos of a shimpaku I found at green thumb bonsai . The first picture is the the first hard trim.Second photo is half way thru the styling . Third picture is what I end up with. All comments welcome .juniper 1.jpg

juniper 2.jpg

juniper 3.jpg
Paul--that's a deceivingly difficult piece of material to work with, given the long straight section of trunk that rises to the right. I would have shortened the trunk rising to the right by carving just above the bottom branches and sent the tree to the left. Going with what you have now, it would be more interesting for me to see the foliage play around the straightness of the soaring jin you have created. Rather than have a pad hover above the uninteresting jin, you could move some of that foliage in front of, below, behind--you get the picture. Break it up a bit, add some tension--obscure. Create some mystery for us to solve. Best to let it rest up and study what you've done before making any changes just now. Good to see you had some fun for the 4th:)
Greg thanks for the comments . I was going for a radical windswept tree . I have thought of moving the pad too. But the branches are to short do much with right now . Will have to see what the future hold for this tree. thanks . Paul
juniper 4.jpgHere is a pic of the juniper after moving the branches around . sorry about the backround .
Just a quick thought and pot it deeper to hide some of the roots.

keep it green,


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