What is this white stuff???


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I've never seen this stuff on my bonsai before. It first showed up after 6 days of continuous rain. Assuming it was fungus/mold, I sprayed with Daconil and subsequently GardenSafe 3 in 1. This didn't seem to do any good. Lately, I've been just removing the stuff from the surface. If forms on individual granules of Akadama, or pine bark mulch, as well as the moss. It also appears on the pots. Even, slick glazed pots. Looks like bird crap but not as raised. Haven't had any yet on the trunks or foliage. They are raised patches that are pure white. When you touch them or wipe them, they turn to black powder on your finger or rag. Someone suggested spraying lightly with pure isopropyl alcohol, since it wouldn't be enough to soak in. I've attached a few pics of the granules and moss that I just removed from the trees.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Forgot photos

I guess the pics would be nice, huh?


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Looks like a fungus and they thrive in damp, humid climates. The black stuff are spores that you are releasing when you touch them. Baking soda may work, take a tablespoon and mix it with a gallon of water and spray.
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