What to do next with this pine tree?


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Jacksonville, Florida
I found this pine tree growing in my parent's yard by a shed 5 years ago. I let it grow a couple years where it was and then put it in a gallon plastic pot. I only watered it once, left it in the same spot, and then forgot about it. Occasionally when I went there I would notice that it was still alive. About a year and a half ago a large branch from a nearby full size tree fell on it during a hurricane and broke it in two. I removed the branch and then forgot about it for another year and a half. I was there a week ago and saw that it had grown a new top!
This time I took it home with me and repotted it in a ceramic pot. I should say that all of the other trees I have cared for, other than the wisteria I'm holding in the avatar, have died. I'm thinking maybe that I over watered them! The wisteria likes lots of water so that's probably why it's still alive. I plan to not over water the pine. But my question is what is my next step with the pine? I already removed some dead needles by hand thumbnail (14).jpgto make it look nicer. Should I remove some branches now or just let it continue growing for now? It is 24 inches tall. With a pine do I cut branches or just use my fingers? Oh, and does anyone recognize what kind of pine this is? I live in north Florida.
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That does not look like a pine, probably a Cedar.

It's pretty tall, I'd reduce the height by at least 1/3.

Cedars don't make the best bonsai, but they are still attractive.
Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay!

I'd also keep working with it, and I'd learn what I could from the experience and from the tree.

Good Luck!
Where in North florida do you live? I live in Lake City fl. I only ask because there is a club near me and the prez is very knowledgeable. Might do you good to join and get some help on this awesome road ....and yea def a ceder. They grow EVERYWHERE around here. I've tried playing with them but they can be a difficult tree to work. I wasn't able to do anything with the few i tried but it was good for the practice. Welcome!
Actually Jacksonville, which isn't too far, but my 15 year old Ford interceptor only gets 12 miles to the gallon.
So I did some pruning on this Eastern redwood cedar. Actually I think I did too much pruning, but I did shorten it by a third. I don't have wire yet so I used some string to make some branches hang lower. Hopefully it will continue growing and eventually look more full. When I get wire I'll do more shaping. thumbnail (15).jpg
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