what to do, what to do? :S


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my girlfriend decided yesterday to go on a 3 day trip.
she doesnt care about my bonsai as she thinks it for old people and it looks like wildgrowth lol.

problem is that i cant take care for my trees and asking someone to come is also out of the question coz my friends are on holidays and my parents live too far, neighbours are morons wich i cant stand lol.

the forecast says its not gonna be THAT hot and only sunny now and then.
is there a way to keep my soil wet so it doesnt dry out?
putting them in my garage? but its pretty dark there.
I would say water really well and possibly put them in trays with a small amount of water. Place all of them in the shade or your garage might not be a bad idea. Thats about all you can do, or I'll I know about.

Water them really well, and then put garbage bags completely over the pot especailly the soil surface.

You can also put chopped spagnum on the soil surface.

When I lived in an apartment and couldn't set a sprinkler with an automatic timer on the trees, I would water them and then set them inside the apartment for the duration of up to a week-long vacation on some plastic sheeting. Some dried out too much, but the lack of light (shades were closed) didn't seem to be a problem.

If you might be getting rain, placing in the shade may be good enough.

Find a Pet sitter in your town and pay for them to come water your trees. It will not be that expensive and you can probably talk them down if it is. They usually water for people when they make visits to take care of the animals.
Water thoroughly, let them drain, then put them into clear plastic bags. (Oven roasting bags work well for smaller sizes.) Leave them outdoors in the shade. Don't leave them in direct sun; even two hours can result in bonsai BBQ. (Voice of painful experience.)

I've done this for periods of up to 8 days with good results.
Last year when I went on vacation, I bundled my trees together in a shady spot and set up a lawn sprinkler on an automatic timer to water them.

This year, I set up an overhead watering system over my benches that was also set up on a timer. You can pretty cheaply put one together by going to www.dripworks.com.
i used the overwater them technique en put the pots in garbage bag plastic (thick)

and they lived :D

this evening i came home and i think my trees would have survived for another 2 days coz the soil is still pretty moisty.

thx allot for your guys help :)
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