What to do with a JBP.


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Adelaide South Aus
I was given this JBP for Christmas, I think it was a good pick, has nice taper on it, decent low branches.
While i am a black pine newbie, I'm not afraid to admit I am also a bonsai newbie too.

What's the best course of action with this pine?
What reading is recommended?
What would others do style wise in the future?

I cant dig much lower until I can do some sort of root prune, there are feeder roots about 1mm below the top soil. I have included pics of the trunk and entire tree, i hope they are enough.

Its mid summer here, ranging temps from between 25c to 45c (in three days we have had temps above 37 degrees C).


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Hmm with temps like that you must be an aussie? If you fill in your profile you will probably get more accurate answers mate!

Looks nice, i cant keep em here though so i hope your answer will come soon.
Asus, what is your minimum winter temp and maximum summer temp?

Now that I think of it, you probably don't have as extreme weather as I do! We will sometimes be in the 40s for three weeks at a time, not a breath of rain, during summer. In winter, well, right now it was -12C this morning but warming up nicely to -6C.

I'd repot this one first. I don't know how long it's been in this pot, but it certainly needs better soil. I, like many others, recommend mesh pots and a very porous soil mix. The JBP loves water but not soggy feet. Do proper root work on the tree.



The following year, it would need to be cut back hard, perhaps using one of the branches at the first large whorl as a new leader to start giving it some movement.

Good luck with this one.
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winters dont get to the minus's but can be classed as cool winters. JBPs are grown here without too much trouble.
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