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Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with some of the bonsai that are being created in Japan. Check out this rock planting of amazing Japanese White Pine, root over rock (check out the roots in the back), on an amazing carved piece of lava rock. The thing must take a forklift to move. For approx. $4000 it's yours (shipping included if you live on the main Japanese islands). I think the pines need a little work, but I am in awe when I look at that rock. Can you imagine trying to repot this?


Hey Bnut,
Wow! Are you saying that the temple is carved from lava rock? I agree the upper tree needs work....
The roots are great. It almost looks like there is an older set of roots under the current ones.
Thanks for sharing.
That is very cool....I wish there were some better pictures of it and more information.
Hard to tell where this came from. If this were in the U.S. I would generally assume it came from China. However the quality of the trees, the rock carving, and the root over rock work makes me think this is an original Japanese work. It almost looks like someone bought it and let it grow wild for several years and is now trying to sell it. You don't spend all those years working on roots to let the apex grow wild like that.

I agree I wish there were more photos.
You don't spend all those years working on roots to let the apex grow wild like that.

You may of hit it on the head BNut.....To me it has a very Chinese influence..... Could be Penjing Very reminiscent of Stanly Chin's style
hmmmmm....Could it be a Stanly Chin?

Has anyone tried decyphering the page? If this were in the u.s. I would have to seriously consider buying it...I don't know why but it strangly entices me... It makes me wish I was a little tiny creature and could go exploring through it.
Has anyone tried decyphering the page?

There's no real info there. Just stuff about the assumed age of the tree at 200 years (doubtful) and the weight of the whole landscape at 700 lbs. Nothing about the source, where it has been, who has been caring for it, etc.
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