Wintering Japanese Yew Zone 7a


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Dear Fellow Bonsains!
May I ask your help in wintering my bonsai? Below is the situation I’m working with:
  • Zone 7a
  • Japanese Yew
  • ~14” tall
  • ~14 years old
  • 1st winter with me
  • In plastic pot
  • Must be wintered outdoors in open field (no option to bring indoors)
  • No electricity
  • Have access to mulch
  • No local bonsai club :( (@ least that I can communicate with
  • Can build something simple if needed to
After reading the other posts I realize the idea is to keep it consistently cold, and I realize that my trees roots probably can’t handle my zone. I was thinking about digging a hole in the ground, mulching that, then putting mulch all around the pot. Someone even suggested covering the whole plant in mulch? Getting confused.
If I do either of the options above, should I water it?
Any other options?
Thanks for your advice, experience, and time friends!
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