Wiring an oversized San Jose Juniper cutting - 5 trunks


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I grabbed a bushy rooted cutting (3-4 yr old) and started wiring it indoors the other day as it was raining, didn't have too much of a plan so I didn't take any "before" photos and of course now I wish I had. I could reduce it to three trunks and it would be a more effective minimal image that way but I wired all five fr now and will see how they respond from here. Given it's not a real multi-trunk I wasn't particularly convinced but pretty late in the process I realised that as these root really well I could easily ground layer it into a proper raft with the top-of-a-hill look to it!

So I wasn't that keen but now I kind of like it, thin trunks and all. A lot of curves are over the top on purpose given that they'll spring back a bit when I un-wire, the overly "S" sections could be refined later on as they are all thin, and I left too many branches on in order to give me options later (same theory as the trunks!).

I'm still not a fan of San Jose, this one has got a few tufts of adult foliage but the spiky stuff is so good at getting me under the nails etc.....




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