Yaupon Holly Finds


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Roswell, GA
Since moving back to GA, I've had the chance to collect for than a few yaupon hollies. There are three I'm particularly excited about - each have bases around 12" wide. I realize it'll be years before they really develop into anything worth while, but the prospects are exciting. They each took a good 2 months to really start taking off, but all are growing well now. I took off a fair amount of roots from each and washed off all the heavy clay they were planted in.

The last one that's planted in the ground was found on the side of the road on a yard debris pickup day. I spotted the stump laying on the curb during my run and drove back to get it when I got home. The roots were totally baked and dry, but it's since bounced back after being put in the ground. I think there was enough stored energy to push leaves, so I'm sure it's working overtime to produce roots. It's difficult to see from the pictures, but it's sort of a weird raft style with trunks sprouting off to the sides. There's virtually nothing in the middle but a flat section where the trunks fused together. It should be cool once it's cleaned up. I plan to keep it in the ground for at least 2 years.

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