Yew got to be kidding.... III


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Vancouver, BC
I’m really happy with two yews I’ve already posted, and didn’t think I would find something that would tempt me to get another. Then I stumbled across this one. It was at the same nursery where I bought one of the other two, the taller one. I’m really not sure how I missed this one before, as I’m pretty sure I walked by it a half dozen times or more. But I finally took note of it, and was pretty much immediately taken with it. So, now it’s home with me. I think I could get away with repotting it to get it out of the nursery can, but I don’t have a pot for it. So this one will have to wait until next spring. In the meantime, once the spring growth has hardened off I can clean it up so I can get a better look at it, and start thinking about what I want to do with it.


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Nice find!

I always clean up my trees the minute I bring them home, if by "clean up" you mean remove dead foliage, dead branches, and bad branches that will never be used (crossing branches, two branches directly on top of each other, etc). I don't style or structurally prune a tree unless I know it is super strong - which usually means a repot first unless it is already growing in good soil.
By cleaning up, I’m referring to removing the branches that are growing up or down and in crotches, but not removing anything structural. I’ll leave that for the first styling. But the styling will come after the repot next spring, and after recovering from the repot of course.
I like that blue on black framed wall graphic. Nice. Striking. Thought provoking. And, nice Yew tree for your upcoming work.
@Japonicus, I wasn’t aware of that. When I repotted the first two, I left some original soil in the rootball. When they get repotted in a few years I’ll remove it then. I knew they would be able to handle an aggressive root reduction, as I had left all the foliage on to help with the recovery, but I’m admittedly leery about bare rooting most conifers. Not from a wealth of experience, but that’s what I’ve been reading and seeing.
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