Zelkova Leaf Reduction

Wow! You sure it's not some kind of lily?
Nice healthy green though! The leaves look rich with the right nutrients for that deep green.
I think he photoshopped his hand into that picture, and the leaves are really like 1" long.
I had two Zelcova in the garden, one which is about 12 m. tall (about 36 feet), and one that was in a hedge.

I pruned the second one every year to keep it more or less at 2 m. high but when you prune a tree that's in the ground, you can't trim the roots, so each year, it produced very vigorous new shoots, some over 2 m. long, with very large leaves. I finally decided to remove it last week.

I took photos in 2008. Here are the leaves of the 12-m one:


The leaves of a potted one:


And the leaves of the one I pruned back hard each year:

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