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Hey I seen that you are the go to guy when it comes to Mugo pines. Im pretty new to the bonsai world. Ive read a few books and watched TONS of youtube videos. i recently bought a Mugo the other day and i have read on here about putting them into a colander. So today i went to lowes and bought a pond basket and some bonsai soil from the local nursey. should i wait to put the tree into the colander or now? and how?
Read the info vance provided more then a dozen times regarding repotting, mugo get repotted in summer so wait until next summer with repotting is what he probably will say!
In the meanwhile just make sure your pot/soil your mugo is curently in doesnt stay soaking wet all the time.

Heres a resource with all things vance teaches us about the mugo pine
I'm leaving the Philippines, returning to the States, alone, around 10/10/18. Not sure of plans beyond that, or if I will continue with bonsai or BNut. I've made many fine friends here, and I will miss you ... but may come visit some of you in person finally, since one possible plan is to buy an RV and just travel around visiting people and places I've always liked. Well see. A Dios. G52.
Hi Judy,
Do you know how much shipping would be for the first grey pot and the large forest pot? I would be interested in both. I'm located in Escondido, CA 92027.

Thank you
I brought home to the USA from China several small Franixus hubeinsis pre bonsai stumps about 25 years ago. From them I have grown some large bonsai from cuttings; they root easiy. I have no seed. Are you still looking?
Hi Dave,
Ye's I'd like to have one, but unfortunately I live in Europe, so posting trees from the USA is impossible I think.
Thanks anyway,
They do offer a lot of cheap classes and have helped me and anyone who joins the club a ton. I'm not trying to recruit but just wanted you to know you're not alone in the in N.C. with your love for bonsai.
Hey Joe, just realized you don't live to far from me. I'm in Johnston county just a little west of Smithfield. I have 2 very large ming aralia. I've often thought about putting the bonsai to them but never have. Without doing much of anything they seem to look like trees. I am also with the Triangle Bonsai Society in Raleigh. You might want to look into joining the group has a lot to offer and are a great bunch.
IBF, bunch of pricks until Greg and you fired this up - yea, you, me, and Greg can be pricks but we really do our best to encourage the art/hobby :)

I hope all is well. I recently made my first post in what may be the incorrect location.

I was wondering if I could potentially remove my post from the "Semi-Cascade" style forum? I think the post is more suitable for the "Suggestions/Feedback" forum. I am editing the title so may go ahead and post it in the "Suggestions/Feedback".

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