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I'd be honored to do a long-distance mentorship with you, even if the contest doesn't pan out, if you're really up for it. We could go and pick up a "Nana" together via Skype or something?
Hey! I saw your reply to a thread from 2011 about a Fukien Tea, I’m completely new to bonsai and forums however I have worked with plants in the past, not sure if there’s a way you could give me some advice on the current Fukien Tea I have, if so thanks!
Hi Gary, thought you might remember the JBP i just posted a poll for choosing a front. It still intrigues me to the point that i am moving ever so slowly with it. I sure appreciate the time you took with me when i visited telperion farms. Also i am very pleased to have one of your larger pots in my collection waiting for a special tree. Thanks again