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Hey , i came across your post about mugo propagation from cuttings. The link you let there about that doesnt work. i am asking you if you are willing to send it to me on email vidmar.jure at

Hi Leo,
I read your message about the Milwaukee club initiative to develop a learning curriculum for folks new to bonsai. Being a recently retired environmental science teacher and curriculum developer/reviewer, and new bonsai guy, I‘d like to offer whatever services I can to assist from the Seattle area. Cheers js sends
Leo in N E Illinois
Leo in N E Illinois
Thanks for the offer. I personally am not on the committee, but I will pass along your offer. The committee is currently on the May MABA/ABS/ 50th Anniversary Annual Exhibit Celebration. After the show is over, the committee will meet. I will keep you in mind.
Hi, I put a post in the announcement forum this morning and don't see it. Was something wrong with it? If it should be elsewhere, please change. Thank you, Bill
I'll look for it! I certainly didn't delete or move it.
Hi Judy, I live near Indianapolis, so similar climate to yours. Just wanted to ask you if you could share what brand of kanuma you are using and where do you get yours? I have never used it, but want to repot my beech into it, and possibly mix it into my soil mix for my maples as well. I will be grateful for any advice and recommendation you can give. Thanks so much!! Marc
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Hi Marc, I started a conversation with you for this answer as this is limited to length on profile pages. Also I can see conversations better as I hardly ever come to my profile.
Vence, should I do hard pruning on my juniper in the winter? I want to reshape and cut back some branches. The tree was nursery stock and it regained it's vigor throughout the summer while in my possesion. Do you happen to have a source to a calendar which tells me when I can do work on my junipers?
Good Morning Thu - I rarely pm so I'm not sure if this is the right venue. Since we'll be in Orange Monday, is there a time we could meet that is convenient for you?
Mike and Sean
Hì Mark, you should message instead of doing profile post . If you start conversation function, it will alert me via email, then I can respond it ASAP 😊
Yeah, next Monday should be fine . I get out of work about 3 pm. We can meet after 4 pm. What do you think?
I will start conversation with you, so you can reply message there
Hello All,
i am looking for Scion wood for contorted ume. Be happy to pay for them and shipping in January. Thanks Barefoot Dave
Hey Leo, I posted a reply to you, but not sure where. I am just getting aquainted with this site. People on this site have told me to contact you regarding wintering, and other stuff, mostly pines. Don't know where exactly you are located.
I am in Harvard, IL. We must be reasonably close. Just thought if you had time and inclination we could get together and commiserate about these little trees.
Hi, quick question. Do you happen to know the name of the little 10 pettal flower plant?
I have one just like it.

Your recent post of a Wonderful ironwood tree brought me here.
If you ever get seeds again, I would like some.
Is there anything in Florida you might be interested in?
Thanks for posting!
It says to write "something" .... OK .... "something" .... happy? .... is this leading somewhere useful or interesting???
Inquiring minds want to know!
Eh - Hi Grouper - Great to see you around again
Leo, being an expert in Blueberries, the wife and I were thinking of getting a bush for the yard.

What do you recommend as an easier cultivar to grow here in 7a-7b? What is the best time to plant? What kind of maintenance to keep the bush happy as not only a producing bush, but also to look nice in the landscape?
How much or trade for what for the one without the roots wrapped around the trunk?
Looking at your avatar picture: are you karate (Shorin Ryu) practitioner? Just curious. I am Goju Ryu guy but follow Noah Legel's blog/FB whom I believe is Shorin Ryu.
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