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I would like to send you an info mail about the new product Sakadama. Can you please give me your E-mail address so I can send it?
Hi Zach, just getting started with Bonsai and am interested in BC. I read somewhere you had a BC beginner's guide, could I get a copy? Thanks!

Mr. Valavanis.

Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show, Kannapolis, NC - Dec 7-8, 2019​

There was a Washington hawthorne in fruit displayed and I was wondering if you knew the person who owned it. Ive been working with that specie for many years and have been unsuccessful in getting mine to flower and fruit. If I could talk to that owner he or she could steer me in the right direction.--Corrado Vasquez
Hi Mr. Adair, by any chance would you know the person that exhibited that Washingto Hawthorne at the

Winter Silhouette Bonsai Show, Kannapolis, NC - Dec 7-8, 2019 ?​

HE/She obviously had success in getting it to flower and fruit and Ive been patiently working with them for many years to no success. If I could contact that person that would be wonderful. ---Corrado Vasquez
Ukiah, California
Moved to Ukiah Ca last month. All bonsai gone. The worst decision of my life.
Hei, I've written a long post incl. photo's, but was not allowed to share with other members because of spam or other inappropriate content. Can be checked what's the reason? I've saved the post as draft. T. Bart
Did you receive my message?
Banned for spam?
How? By offering a readily available cheap drainage screen material and a link to illustrate the various types available?
Bonsai Nut
Bonsai Nut
It was a mistake. As you can see, you are not banned :) If you were banned you wouldn't be able to post on peoples' profiles :)
No it was no mistake on your part. I had forgotten about the restriction on posting a link until x number of posts; Lawd knows it has been such a long time ago. But now I am back in my old acct and it no longer applies. Thank you again Greg.
Bonsai Nut
Bonsai Nut
LOL no truly, it was a mistake. You were mixed up with a bunch of spammers and I was banning, banning, banning... and I hit the ban button once too often :) I was like "oops!" and I went and un-banned you, but the system had already sent you a notification that you had been banned :)

Regardless, glad we finally figured it out!!
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