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Hey I saw you are in my area collecting jack pines. I was wondering if you have any tips? I collected 2 this April, one seems to be ok, one isnt. I collected one midsummer last year and put it in my garden and it's doing well this year.

I've got my eye on several more, including one fairly large one for a niwaki tree.

Hope to get any guidance you have.

Hey I saw you collected jack pines near me in Atlanta state forest area. Any tips on successful collection? I too have access to a ton and dug up 2 this April, but have my eye on several nice ones.
I was referred to u regarding buy trident maples. Do u have suggestions on where to look? Thanks.
Sorry to take this long to answer. Think you may have gotten some bad info. I have no info in Tridents. Sorry
I was browsing and recognised your name, now sharing a tree you may recognise 😁 (ignore the wiring i was having a play!)


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Hey Jake long time! thats looking good, I see youve kept it in the same pot😊
nebari looks like its bulked a bit too. going to post it on the forum mate😁
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Haha I'll give it a bit of a tidy then upload. Yeah I had a second kid and decided the extra depth gave me a bit more leeway as hadn't been as on the maintenance as i should! But it's healthy and should come on nicely now 🙌
Hello Mike,

Just checking if you're still on the Bonsai Nut forum as I'd like to ask about your method of using Miracle Gro.

M. Frary
M. Frary
I couldn't provide a link.
I don't have the technology but I would just Google Wakter Pall watering method.
I'll give it a rip too.
Be right back.
M. Frary
M. Frary
It's all there.
Thanks for the help Mike.
I managed to find Walter and contacted him but got a strange reply. He said "I do not use Miracle Gro. I do not know how good or bad it is." Quite a strange reply.
Any of you cedar elms for sale?

I'm local and looking for some.
Sorry, but no. Don't have any for sale. Best source I've found for them is Zach Smith at Bonsai South in Louisiana. His supply is spotty, but he has them sometimes depending on if he's got a collection site. Might be worth checking with him in the late winter to see if he's lined some up.
Cool, thx!
I am a sculptor focusing on naturalistic tenpai.
I’d like to show my work to start a conversation and get feedback about my work to improve it.
As I am not sure about the forum etiquette and did not want to be perceived as making advertisement for my products, I wanted to ask if posting my work is okay.
You can find more information here:
thank you


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Hey mate, grew up in Salinas, now in Connecticut. Good to see someone "local" from my old stomping grounds!
Absolutely. If you ever get back this way give me a shout.
Sadly I haven't been back since the mid 80's. Don't miss Salinas, I hear it's not what it was when I was there, but miss Monterey County!
Hi Dave ,I saw you mention your Bald Cypress development guide in another post. Could I trouble you for a copy? Thanks in advance.
Hey here is a quote for you "What is easy is hard and what is hard is easy" from my experience dealing with elms and fukiens which are supposed to be easy to care for. LOL!!!
Got my first pre bonsai and for the first time ever, I actually stopped being cheap and bought some bonsai wire. Much to learn.....
I would like to send you an info mail about the new product Sakadama. Can you please give me your E-mail address so I can send it?
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