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    Sweating Trees

    In Japan right now, but while I was still in Socal I would tarp up all my coast and cork live oaks after repotting. All survived but my sick oak and produced very good back budding. Unfortunately my smaller coast live oak was just too weak with many problems from the previous year and died.
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    New bonsai garden, including koi pond!

    I'll take you up on that offer! At some point I'll make the visit.
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    New bonsai garden, including koi pond!

    Cool pond! I look forward to seeing the end product.
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    Shimpaku junipers are not sargentii

    There's no standalone m sound in Japanese. Shinpaku is the correct spelling. It's just what happens when people try to phonetically spell words from another language. There is an official phonetic spelling of Japanese syllables which is called romanji. Either way I don't think it really matters...
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    Master Tsai

    Thank you for the kind words @sorce . I'm no master yet haha. I received lots of verbal support heading into Japan but your gesture really stood out among them. Not many people will take the time of day to make and sell something on behalf of a stranger. I really wanted to show my gratitude with...
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    Recommendations for a bonsai tour operator in Japan.

    Hey @PiñonJ , I can definitely show you around Kouka-en, but we're in the Kansai area relatively far from all the Tokyo area nurseries and Omiya Village. If you're planning on visiting definitely head up there! Lots of great nurseries in somewhat close proximity. Out in the Kansai area...
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    Black and white pines styled by me

    Thanks Wilson! Bonsai has been a fun journey and has helped me through some stressful times. I remember my first post here 4 years ago asking for help on a foemina. Smoke was the first person to give me advice and refer me. Still have a lot to learn and improve on though. Apprenticeship has made...
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    Black and white pines styled by me

    I've been styling back to back to back to back pines at Kouka-en the past few months. It's been great to get lots of experience with them, as less than year prior I barely touched and decandled a black pine for the first time volunteering at the Huntington Gardens. I'm happy to learn and improve...
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    Please Share your Photos

    I've never seen a spider drop line and catch a fly mid air before.
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    Magnolia Liliiflora

    Glad you guys liked it! I know its only a snipet in the overall picture of development, but as I work on more projects and accumulate more experience I hope to fill in the blanks.
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    Japanese Tulip

    Glad the article was helpful. I'm learning how to develop them myself and as I figure out some of their nuances I'm happy to share information.
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    Magnolia Liliiflora

    New write up on my blog where I do refinement and repotting on a magnolia! Super stoked to be able to work on this species. I will definitely look to grow these when I return stateside.
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    Monterey Cypress (full styling from nursery material)

    Haha I'm suprised people are still following this tree! I've actually since moved to Japan to pursue an apprenticeship. Most of my trees have been sold or are in the care of others, but I left this one with my parents! After seeing my keen interest in bonsai, they decided to get involved...
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    Bjorn on Bonsai Design

    Of course, abusing my senpai privileges ;) Don't have much time to post nowadays but I still lurk and pop in time from time lol. Apprenticing has definitely been a challenging experience in several aspects, but it's great to be able to learn from very skilled senpai's and work on trees everyday.
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    White Pine Styled

    Hello Nutters, I love the bnut site but its been hard to post. First because of school, and now because of my apprenticeship in Japan. I recently finished styling a white pine and I'm relatively happy how it turned out. Things are beginning to become more intuitive and the quality of my work is...
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