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  • Sir the Kirby tree was by far my favorite of the show. I just wanted to tell u directly, that tree stole the show for me.
    Just got in from too many hours of larch work--back sore from hunching I guess.
    You are welcome to visit anytime unequivocally. I find winter inaccessibility to trees goes for less refined trees--spring there is never enough time. You can always contact me at
    And you must invite me to go collecting. I have a great history of respect and keeping secrets.
    Your friend in bonsai,
    I'm doing pretty well. Looking forward to bonsai season. I need to come check out your storage. I like how you can take out stuff and do a little work in winter. My tamaracks are buried in the snow til spring. Dave S has more good stuff than I do. I'm trying to catch up. I have been finding some good stuff to gather though!! You can see some of my best stuff on my blog if you want. I hear you've spent some good time with Dave lately. He's a great guy and freely shares all his knowledge! Looking forward to spring and maybe a couple of workshops this summer!
    Hello fourteener,
    Yes this is Crust. Sorry for the long awaited response. I did not see the notification of the message on the home board until now--its kinda in a subtle spot. Good to hear from you! Dave S. says you have all the best stuff up there. How are you doing?
    You wouldn't happen to be Dave Crust would you!! I am from Duluth MN. I ask because Dave Severson and I met you at the Master's workshop this summer. If this is not Dave , then you have a bonsai friend in Brainerd(if memory serves me) who has some amazing stuff!
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