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    Why did you start, and continue Bonsai?

    You have your first tree still!? Man, I can't even remember my first tree. I got interested as a 20 something after finding some old "Japanese miniature trees" magazine of my father's. Dad's gone and I'm sorry that I never asked him where they came from. Anyway, I fooled around and killed a...
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    Is this ninebark bonsaiable?

    Though little used, nine bark does seem to have some potential. I don't know your climate, (thought Yorkshire was in England)but you can usually dig up and "bonsai" a landscape plant just as buds are swelled and ready to open in the early Spring. Did you just recently prune that back? Would...
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    Green house for one.

    That is a lovely room. CW
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    Dumpster cryptomeria

    To me, the dark pot draws my eye, and from there I follow the trunk up. I don't know if that's a correct way to view bonsai or not. The lighter pot provides for a "total picture" of the tree. Both very nice pots! CW
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    course sand

    @Skye325 That looks like the display at the garden center in Glenside where I purchased my traction grit. I was thinking of throwing some on my sidewalk today (icy). As others have said there are lots of choices for little seedlings. What I liked about the traction grit was its weight. Some...
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    When is a ginkgo to big for bonsai?

    Speaking of big potted trees, has anyone seen the Sundance-premiered documentary called Taming the Garden? Its about a wealthy Georgian guy buying full-grown trees and moving them to his garden. Here's a trailer. Can't wait to see this. CW
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    Post Snow

    I'm just guessing here, based on my own preferences, but I'd bet most of us Nuts would like some elevation in our garden. Flat seems to work for @MACH5 though. CW
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    Un-welcome visitors to my garden

    Sitting here at my desk this chilly, snowy morning and a mosquito flies by. It came back for a second pass and I got him...her? CW
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    Post Snow

    Im going to pretend that I knew what this thread was about, and post a snow pic anyway.
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    Three year update!! 12/31/2020!

    Hmmm, I should go check on mine. See what Mother Nature has provided. CW
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    How do I hide this?

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    Merry Christmas! Show us your Bonsai gifts

    My wife surprised me with a bunch of seedlings. Tough time of year to plant them. Ground is just freezing up now. Any suggestions other than making them indoor plants until Spring? CW
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    Bonsai of the Future

    Refrigerating his trees to simulate cooling days? :) CW
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    Planting in the ground this fall for garden niwaki

    Do you have any more pics? CW
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    Can we get a Safety Check In?

    Still working, and still healthy. CW
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