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  • jquast- Jeff, regarding Cork Oaks, I have a number of newly repotted Cork Oaks; they were all root pruned and potted in Jan-March. The trees that had no foliage Burst Buds within a month, the ones with branches and foliage did not. They did lag and put on some Terminal Buds only. I then proceeded to defoliate and - viola! Buds all over. I trust your advise and am trying to decide if this Bud burst is seasonal timing or hormonal response. I am now planning on defoliating a larger Oak (now in April) in order to get Bud Burst as well. Do you think I should remove leaves or all leaves AND branches?
    HI Jeff,
    I just saw this message, sorry. I just got back last night from leading our club's trip to Mammoth and White Mountain. I'll post some photos soon.
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