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    Kaneshin! Well DHL too

    I had the same experience. VERY fast delivery
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    Going on vacation - minimum hours under lights?

    Ficus and bougainville get no additional light in my house. They live on 7 hours of light in winter.
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    Collected a tamarack

    I woudl not do anything else to it. To me it looks this was collected a little early. No fall color on this one yet.
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    Global warming latest news

    But to be honest, I do not really like the argument "We are not doing anything unless the others do something"
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    My trident seedlings, let me show you them

    THere. You have done it. You have made your garden too small. Where will you put all of these? But, joking aside. Well done, congrats!
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    The Tree Thread

    41 ittoigawas in a small car :) One of the large bonsai traders in Europe is cleaning out some of his field. Pickup only so spent 7 hours driving. My club has trees for winter :)
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    Global warming latest news

    Yeah, well.. Lets think about the cumulative pollution of countries and see how things really are? And say what you want. But China is at least claiming they will change...
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    Malus sylvestris 01

    Yeah it is what I meant. Whether graftinga flowering scion on would trigger the hormone balance in the tree needed for flowers.
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    A dmall

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    How to tell a tree collected in autumn has survived?

    As mentioned before. A deciduous tree that is showing wrinkled branches and where the buds loose their shine or even start to drop off, will most likely not make it. EVergreens where the heart of clusters of needles turnbrown or that go yellow often are not going to make it.
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    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    That is horrible. Horrible that I never get to see it IRL. Wow.
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    BRT_Nuts - Important info about Brazilian Raintree Cultivars

    This could explain lack of vigour for some. My seedlings are potted in up to 50% pine bark. :(
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    How to tell a tree collected in autumn has survived?

    I am off to a big dealer in Belgium tomorrow to pick up 40 field-grown ittoigawas. THey have been dug from the field the last few days. WIll semi-bare-root them and pot them afterwards. Most trees do fine.
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    Malus sylvestris 01

    Do you know whether this would trigger flowering for the whole plant?
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    The bark picture thread

    Pinus sylvestris
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