1. L

    Beginner Douglas Fir

    Hello all. I am getting into Bonsai; my husband and I have a double dwarf boxwood we are working on from a nursery. It is doing very well. My husband was born and raised in Oregon but moved away for work. I want to get him a Douglas fir to bonsai to remind him of home. Do they do well? Online...
  2. M

    what should I do next with my Juniper?

    Hi guys This is my first Bonsai, I pruned it... I live in Calgary Alberta, with very cold winters Any tips? What should I do next?
  3. T

    Acer Palmatum 'Beni Maiko', difference between that and standard Acer Palmatum?

    I'm thinking of grabbing some, but have never tried a Japanese maple. Was told the Standard Japanese maple was stronger, faster growing and could handle cold better than others. Is Beni Maiko a good maple tree to start on? What are the differences? Are they cared for/pruned/ built the same...
  4. Tntthunder

    Acer Campestre advice? Tips?

    Just got a few Acer Campestre on sale at the local garden nursery with this being my first go at maples. I don't plan to do any work until end of winter, just learning for now. Any advice on the do's and don'ts? Also got a few questions. Are they similar to Japanese maples in terms of...
  5. A

    How do I tell when the seasons change? Especially the difference between Early/late periods.

    How do you tell when the seasons change? People are always saying "do X in X season" but I am struggling to really learn when they happen. For example I have read to bend junipers you do that in Fall. When in fall? I have heard early fall, and late fall. Ok, when are these? Is early fall...
  6. Tntthunder

    Juniper Foliage Colour Changing?

    My junipers are turning this lighter colour. They're Chinese juniper "Blaaws", is this normal now that we are comingi into late summer/autumn? Last year they didn't change colour all winter and were a deep green, same with all this year but now they're changing to this light bluey/green colour...
  7. Tntthunder

    What is this on my tree's deadwood?

    Created deadwood earlier this year and was told to let it dry and wear away in the elements so we didn't protect it. However I have noticed it's covered in this mold kind of looking stuff. It's only on the deadwood and not on the leaves/trunk, is this normal or is it an issue I need to worry...
  8. A

    Good Japanese bonsai tools?

    My cheap and terrible tools have recently broken and I think I should get some good tools. What are some good Japanese tool brands? Bonus points if I can get them from somewhere in the EU.
  9. Tntthunder

    How to prune my Taxis media?

    Basically I have a nursery stock yew I worked on at the end of May in a workshop and we created deadwood and cut maybe 70% foliage off. Since then it seems to have grown really healthy (I think, this is my first yew). I want to encourage the lower growth, especially the buds lower on the trunk...
  10. Tntthunder

    How to bend bonsai properly?

    So I think I've got wiring down pretty well, it's neat, it's not tight, not loose, I am doing the two branch/slingshot method, no crossing wire etc. I feel it's going great. However when it gets to the bending part I am struggling a lot and lacking a lot of skill. When I bend the wire loosens...
  11. A

    Are there any good flowering tree species for harsh winters?

    I'm from Northern Europe and have got a few junipers, pines and yews and am quite new to Bonsai. Recently been thinking of getting into some flowering trees but I have no idea about what species or if they will survive in the winters here. Last winter it got as low as -30c and I don't have a...
  12. Tntthunder

    What are some organic soil substrates used for Bonsai?

    I was trying to look for some organic soils I can use because I don't want to buy Akadama as it is too expensive in my area and it apparently doesn't last long especially with my local climate. I would also like to use the same organic soils for both my trees and other plants I am propagating...
  13. Tntthunder

    Easy to find alternatives to Akadama?

    New to Bonsai and trying to come up with a good alternative to Akadama as it is expensive to get it here in my Nordic country. I have also heard it breaks down really fast in the cold weather. I am currently growing conifers and have read that a 1:1:1 soil mix of Pumice, Lava Rock and Akadama...
  14. Tntthunder

    What should I do with this Chinese juniper stricta?

    Hello, I am very new to bonsai (a few weeks) and recently came to acquire a Chinese Juniper stricta that a neighbour was throwing away. I had to cut a lot off as it was dead and the tree seemed pretty unhealthy. I plan to let it gain its strength and so on but after that I am clueless. I mainly...
  15. JuniperSol

    Recently Styled my Juniper, thoughts and advice? I'm still learning

    Today I purchased a Juniper from a local nursery garden and fell in love with its movement. After some pretty hard pruning and a bit of wiring, I managed to get this unique shape and movement. Some Redditors have recommended that I prune it back more, which I agree with but am unsure as to how...
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