advice for my bonsai trees

  1. A

    Spruce Forest Advice

    I have a collection of small spruce trees I collect as saplings from Talkeetna, AK a couple years ago. I would love to turn some/all of these into a forest. I’m not entirely sure what size pot/ type of pot I should get for them. Any advice from anyone out there who has done this before would be...
  2. J

    Seedlings, 4 weeks, Baby’s Jacaranda + Rocky Mountain Pine Advice! Appreciated!

    I’ve got these guys out of those grow your own kits from the store they seem to be doing great so far! Witch it good box says to thin the heard. Witch I will be doing cutting at the base level. I live in Florida it’s Aproaching summer so I’m winding how these types will fair in the HEAT, as well...
  3. A

    Where-to-cut advice! (+ID🙏)

    Hello guys! First-time posting yay. After avoiding conifers for 3 years and over 30 trees I finally got a couple. These were too cheap to pass, I was at a bonsai place but it was extremely rural and these were thrown around the property. I have no idea of the exact species and I am not sure how...
  4. El Duderino

    El Duderino's Garden ... A Deep Dive

    In the spirit of sharing with the community, I've decided it's time to start my first thread. I need a central place to document my trees' progress. And I figure if I can do that here, I'll have a better opportunity to learn from you all as I go along. My fascination with Bonsai began a long...
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