1. Shun

    My Japanese Red Pine (Akamatsu)

    Hello! I've been enjoying bonsai for a few years now and living in an apartment always with poor sunlight and little space restricted me to only get just a few (and small) trees. Recently I've been renting space in my local bonsai store so I could leave my trees there as I was worried some of...
  2. Clicio

    Red Pine new growth hanging down. Advice needed.

    Hi all. All the new needles on my Akamatsu are getting too long, soft, and hanging down. All my JBP on the same bench have hard new needles. It's spring here. What could be happening? Lack of enough sun? Fertilizer too high in N? Pictures attached
  3. Clicio

    JRP Cascade Styling - T bar branches have to go?

    Hello all. My Red Pine is healthy and growing well under the first warm days of Autumn (it was horrible for almost 4 months of summer; 100ºF and above every day). Trouble is, I need some ideas. I got it one year ago as a present from a good friend, that had grown it from seedling, so it was his...
  4. Clicio

    Akamatsu - JRP apex prune or wire?

    I have this healthy Japanese Red Pine cascade, but I don't quite like the way the apex outgrew the botton. Asked some people around, and some say I should chop it to the lowest pair of candles, but.. others say I should not lose all this growth and wire the apex branch (bend the hell out of it)...
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