american elm

  1. S

    Advice for American Elm seedlings

    This past spring I had several American(?) Elm seedlings set up camp in an unused nursery pot that still had some soil in it. Of the dozen or so seeds to sprout, there are about 4 or 5 seedlings left. Of those, one has taken off and is 24+ inches tall. Something ate/ stripped the leaves off the...
  2. BobbyLane

    American Elm video

    This one definitely deserves its own thread! Love the work Arthur Joura did on this American elm, its so typical of the Oak trees we see here in the forests and parks. some of you may remember his posts from the old IBC forum, he does great work making trees look like real trees.
  3. M

    American elm - ideas

    Hi everyone I recently purchased this American elm in this bonsai pot. It is a young tree, only 3 years and 20 cm, but I think it is nice and has a nice structure and branching for such a young tree. Though it came in this bonsai pot all too soon. I would like to hear your meaning what to do...
  4. DonovanC

    From Wrecked to Radial (Yes, I spent real time thinking of that title.)

    I collected this American Elm last spring, and it’s done really well since. I checked out the roots this spring and there was a clump of roots on one side and a few little roots on the other - I sorted the roots as well as I could and buried it deep. I didn’t have any sphagnum moss so it’s just...
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