american hornbeam

  1. faker

    American Hornbeam

    Starting a thread to track progress of the american hornbeam I got a few years ago. It's the first tree I've put into an actual (albeit cheap) bonsai pot. Current goals: - Thicken middle portion of the trunk to improve taper - Continue developing branching, particularly in the empty space on...
  2. Hack Yeah!

    Hack's "This is not a contest" tree

    Hello all, I've collected a trio of American hornbeam this winter and really hope to develop my skills on indigenous decidous, say that 3 times fast! I used @Zach Smith advice from his bonsai South website for collecting. I'll sort out one primarily for the contest provided they all survive...
  3. pweifan

    Root pruning American Hornbeam

    How aggressively can you prune the roots of an American Hornbeam? Last year I collected an American Hornbeam from my parent's property in MI. It's been growing in a large growbox since then. Today, I've been repotting the other trees I collected and since they all have small rootballs, I put...
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