apple tree bonsai

  1. Sumo Apple

    Sumo Apple

    apple bonsai, cox apple
  2. Culper Woodhull

    Soil mix for apple bonsai tree

    About a year ago my children and I planted apple seeds from the apple we ate. No idea what kind. One has grown great, the other is stunted and the roots are showing on the surface. I think it will be a great bonsai. I need to know what soil mix would be best. Thanks to any and all.
  3. Culper Woodhull

    Wintering question, apple tree bonsai question and jade bonsai question

    Well I had a few questions and thought it best to consolidate into one thread. The first question is it too early to put my juniper bonsai in for wintering? Also, I've decided the egress window would be a great place for wintering, do you think it should be fine in this egress window? My...
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