bald cypress

  1. Fishtank307

    Bald cypress dying or dead

    I absolutely hate to write this post... I've had this bald cypress since last year. It was one of my favorite trees and I think I messed up pretty bad... It grew very well, had to prune it a couple of times during the growing season. Apart from a spider mite attack during spring, no problems...
  2. EddyFern

    Large Bald Cypress

    Bought this beauty today from Dragontree in Palm City Florida. I am SO excited about this tree. I live in New York and the tree is from South Florida so it will stay in Florida until April (after the winters worst has passed), when I will bring it up to New York and start working on it. I hope...
  3. BillsBayou

    Bald Cypress Bonsai - Briseuse de Coeur 2018 - A Plan Emerges - Week 1/2

    My latest bald cypress bonsai development video is up! This is "Briseuse de Coeur". I have had this heartbreaker for 22 years. It was the first bald cypress I dug from the swamps on a collecting trip with Gary Marchal. So much has gone wrong with this tree over the years that it finally looks...
  4. lpearl

    Bald Cypress: Prune saplings while bedded in ground?

    Good afternoon – I am in south Florida (USDA Zone 10b), new to the forum and pretty fresh behind the ears with bonsai. This Nov I put 6 bald cypress saplings (18 – 24” straight sticks with tap root removed) in the ground over a shallow hard pan of tiles. The tiles are covered with plastic with a...
  5. H

    Three Bald Cypress I picked up this spring

    Purchased at a nursery. Trunk chopped, and potted in mixing tub. The BC in the first picture, I cut about 100% of the roots off. I really thought it wouldn't survive. All seem to be doing well. Angled the chops and selected keeper branches. These are my first attempt with Bald Cypress.
  6. M

    Bald cypress dying branches

    Hi, I'm new to the page. I live in south Florida and bought this BC from a nursery last winter while it was dormant. It was like 8' tall before I cut it down. It came back from dormancy perfectly but a month ago the oldest and strongest brach suddenly died and two other follow. I noticed a very...
  7. UrbanNJPlants

    Brand New To Bonsai - First Bald Cypress

    Hello all, as stated I'm brand new to the world of bonsai with that said I have a Bald Cypress that I was thinking to make my first. This tree is about 4' tall from the top of the ball. Being brand new to this I feel over whelmed but am ready to make a move. Would this one make for a decent...
  8. markyscott

    Texas Shohin Bald Cypress

    I honestly don't know what is wrong with me. I'm going to need a taller ladder to work the apex.
  9. Castanea

    Bald Cypress - CHOP

    I want to begin working on a bald cypress by purchasing nursery stock and chopping it low. I live in VA, hardiness zone 7a What is the best time of year for me to do this? Thanks
  10. BillsBayou

    Bald Cypress Bonsai Year 4 Video Is Up

    I finally got to work on my bald cypress in June instead of January. No problem. Just wire over the leaves. Yes, I'm a slow video editor. This is the tree I dug out of the swamp 4 years ago. I think it is coming along nicely. The vision I have for it is finally coming into view. Links...
  11. markyscott

    Collected Bald Cypress

    Fun and rewarding work. Here's the process. After collecting, I use packing stretch wrap to protect and hold together the rootball. With bald cypress, you can just leave the wrap on and set the rootball in water until you're ready to repot. Cut the plastic off with a sharp knife to expose...
  12. aframe

    Bald Cypress: 1 Year Progression

    Tree as acquired June 2013, Santa Cruz CA
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