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  1. bendem

    Help please ... Bald cypress mites or ???

    Hi - I hope someone with bald cypress expertise can please help me out. I have several pre-bonsai BC trees, and some of them have leaf damage as shown in these pictures. Thinking that mites were the likely cause, I've already sprayed Avid three times about a week apart. Since then, I've seen...
  2. Bald Cypress

    Bald Cypress

  3. Bald Cypress

    Bald Cypress

  4. Bald Cypress

    Bald Cypress

  5. Bald Cypress

    Bald Cypress

  6. Bald Cypress  knees

    Bald Cypress knees

  7. Bald Cypress  knees

    Bald Cypress knees

  8. Bald Cypress  knees

    Bald Cypress knees

  9. bendem

    Bald cypress weak growth & yellow tips

    I've got a half dozen bald cypress trees that I repotted and trunk chopped this spring. Five of them are doing great, but one has considerably less vigor than the others. The tree that's lagging behind has weaker growth, plus the terminal bud tips are coming out yellow. It also had the latest...
  10. LeftHandLuke

    Bald Cypress Repot Root Rot Help!

    I had planned to re-pot my bald cypress when I was certain it was coming out of dormancy but as the clock continued to tick, just this evening after work, I slipped it from the pot for a quick look at the roots. Stink-o-rama black root rot layer about a half-inch thick (not pictured). I keep...
  11. Damart81

    Bald Cypress Chop Height

    If this was your BC would you chop it to create more taper? Just collected it and potted, it’s a little over 2ft tall. Haven’t worked with smaller BC before but wanted to keep it smaller.
  12. Barbells and bonsai

    Possibly dead BC

    Hello, hoping for some advice or even just a diagnosis. I collected two Bald Cypress trees this season. The first tree seems to be doing okay but the larger one I am worried about. It was recommended to me that I not water every day since this can cause root rot. I tried this tactic but the...
  13. Damart81

    First Yamadori Bald Cypress Project Questions

    Hello, I have had this bald cypress yamadori for about a year and a month now. I let it do its thing for a year and now ready to start guiding it with a design. It just started pushing some buds, so I have a couple of questions. I am doing a flat top design but considering different options...
  14. Barbells and bonsai

    Bald Cypress yamadori

    Hello again from South Florida, I collected a bald cypress today from swamp property a friend owns. I’m new to bonsai and only have one other tree so far, a black olive. I watched videos regarding repotting after wild collection and tried to follow their examples. My soil is a mix of 80/20...
  15. bendem

    help ID bald cypress problem

    Hi folks - I've got around 20 bald cypress trees that are each two years old. They all get a lot of water (they're currently in shallow tubs). All of them look good except for this one that just took a turn for the worse. I moved it out of the tub for these pictures. Any guess what the...
  16. David P

    Bald Cypress, The new addition to the family

    I finally was able to add a beautiful swamp collected Bald Cypress to my collection all made possible by @Cajunrider. I can't thank him enough for picking a real nice one in my price range and going through the hassle of shipping it out to California for me. Thank you so much Cajunrider! Here...
  17. Damart81

    Collected Bald Cypress Buds

    For people who have collected bald cypress, I know the general sentiment is to leave it alone for a year. But if you have multiple buds coming out of one point do you rub them off and leave only one branch? This bc was collected in December and has been sprouting all over the place.
  18. electraus

    Dealing with reverse taper on BC.

    Hi everyone, I have a reverse taper issue with my bald cypress that I’m not sure how to deal with. It had a whorl of branches coming from the same area near the apex, which caused severe bulging. Im currently developing a new apex with one of the branches after pruning all of the others off but...
  19. pandacular

    panda's bald cypress

    I purchased this collected bald cypress from @Cajunrider. Potted it in an Anderson to let it sit for a few years (so this thread may be boring for a while!) It looks rather healthy considering the distance it's traveled. Roots were still moist in the box when it arrivedved, bagged up. I'm...
  20. Wulfskaar

    Wulfskaar's Bald Cypress

    Recently got a bald cypress! The previous owner was developing the top canopy and I will continue to do that. I just need to adjust the wiring that they had applied a bit.
  21. LeftHandLuke

    Bald Cypress Air Layer Size?

    My neighbor has a huge, healthy bald cypress in her backyard that's scheduled for removal in about a year. She told me to knock myself out if I wanted to grab an air layer. My goal is to get one or two on there ASAP with the plan to collect them within three to six months. How big can I go in...
  22. Damart81

    Advice on how to travel with a newly collected yamadori bonsai while out of town

    I recently collected a bald cypress that is around 4ft tall with a chop, this was collected while I am currently out of town visiting a friend's property. I am not heading back home for another two weeks, but will be transporting the tree in my car. Due to space issues, I will have to lay it on...
  23. electraus

    Who is your single source of truth on bald cypress care and styling techniques?

    I’m going through a bit of a rough patch, so in an attempt to cheer me up, my parents and brother have sourced and gifted me two pieces of collected material that are quite advanced for me. One of them was a Utah juniper which I already made a post about. The most recent one, however, is a...
  24. L

    Red spots on Bald Cypress needles

    Hey all! I’m new to Bonsai and just picked up 2 awesome pre-Bonsai trees from my local nursery. One of these is a Bald Cypress, which I’ve noticed has red spots developing on many of the needles on the lower branches of the tree. I’ve also noticed a white web-like substance on some of the...
  25. Backwardsvg

    Big Beaut - Nursery cut help

    Well I found a nice BC at a local nursery that was MUCH more in my price range than others I was seeing. The only issue is it was in a grow bag on the ground, I did not see it had escaped roots but when they came to load it up in my car it looks like they had cut some of the escape roots. The...
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