bald cypress

  1. Backwardsvg

    Big Beaut - Nursery cut help

    Well I found a nice BC at a local nursery that was MUCH more in my price range than others I was seeing. The only issue is it was in a grow bag on the ground, I did not see it had escaped roots but when they came to load it up in my car it looks like they had cut some of the escape roots. The...
  2. Backwardsvg

    Bald Cypress Suburbs of Chicago

    I am looking for some bald cypress in the suburbs of Chicago area. I have called a few big box stores they do not have any and I have called a few nurserys but for a caliper of 1- 2 inch they are asking $400 bucks. I may just get some seedlings, but I wanted to maybe find some on discount at the...
  3. Dystopik

    Ground layer on BC

    I started a ground layer on a BC a few weeks ago, and I see the callus forming nicely all around the trunk but no roots. The roots bellow are still growing vigorously, and so does the tree. Any advice?
  4. Apex37

    Nursery Bald Cypress #1

    Picked this guy up at a local nursery for a decent price. Considering how often BC are used as shade trees here in Texas, there's few to be found in my area that aren't too large or expensive. This guy is 4.5' tall and a 1 1/2" base. I'm going to repot into a 15"x12"x3" Anderson flat like tray...
  5. E

    Bald Cypruss/Ahuehuete styling question

    Hello, I have an Ahuehuete, or Sabino here in Mexico. It is the same species as the Bald Cyphress, Taxodium distichum, but found here in Mexico. It is in fact the national tree. I bought a very big tree from a nursery here in Mexico and it has this big empty space and unappealing root. Anyone...
  6. bendem

    Bald Cypress overwintering issue

    Hi folks - I've got a flock of bald cypress seedlings getting ready for their first winter here in Virginia. It's occasionally getting cold here (low 20s F last night), so I thought it would be good to set them against my house and mulched with pine straw up to their first branches. They're...
  7. JBP_85

    End of Season Update

    Hi Everyone, With summer ending I wanted to give an update on how my RoR Trident Maple progress as well as share some other progress pics of my other trees. I've taken the advice of others here and decided to just let the seedlings grow. I think they've done quite well bit welcome thoughts...
  8. bendem

    Overwintering baby BC in VA

    So it was 95* here today but I figure it's good to plan ahead. I live in Richmond VA and have several bald cypress that germinated just over a month ago. I understand BC should generally be OK outside for winters here, say if I put them against a fence and snuggle them in mulch. But does that...
  9. bendem

    bought a chopped BC; plan for future growth?

    Hi - I'm new with bonsai and ordered a bald cypress online a few weeks back. It's in a one gallon container, which has been submerged since I got it, and the company's website describes the tree as: "One gallon trees are straight and pruned down to about 16 inches repeatedly with trunk calipers...
  10. Dystopik

    Crossing roots on bald cypress

    Hello! I got this bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) this January from a nursery. It was grown in a huge pot. When I remove the pot and the original soil I found a huge weird roots knot. On the one hand it expanded the base width from 10 cm to 19 cm, on the other hand I have a crossing thick...
  11. bendem

    is this chlorosis on my bald cypress?

    Hello. Newbie here. I received a bald cypress about a couple weeks ago from Evergreen Gardenworks. Tree looked great. First couple days I had it, I watered it and kept it in partial sun.. Since then I've been soaking it, keeping it in a sunny spot, and otherwise leaving it alone. Today I...
  12. JuniperMasterRace

    Season to take Chinese Elm, Gingko, and Bakd Cypress cuttings?

    Title. I’m letting my trees go wild and run, it’s been about 2 months of vigorous growth (see Imgur link). I’m concerned I’m missing out on ramification and refinement just for a couple dozen cuttings. I took a few cuttings in January right before spring and they look like they are going to...
  13. Apex37

    Wanting to Start a Bald Cypress Forest

    Thinking about doing a BC forest in the form of almost a bayou sort of setting. I'm thinking a really interesting brown pot or slab. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out an online outlet that sells nice groupings (preferably different size trees) of bald cypresses or shops people have bought bald...
  14. T

    Help with Bald Cypress

    Hello.. I feel absolutely awful for having to write this but want to try to ask for help before it’s possibly too late. I bought a Bald Cypress on Facebook marketplace around 5 months ago. Here is a picture on the first day I got it. A beautiful tree, originally from Florida. I live in an...
  15. ecalvillo7

    Taxodium leaf reduction

    Hi! Does anybody have any experience or tried to reduce leaf size in taxodiums or bald cypress? I have one i can make into a shohin size, but curious if i can reduce it... and if it has, what technique have you used. Thanks!!!
  16. Forsoothe!

    Forsoothe!'s Bald Cypress duo...

    I can't find the original posting to expand upon for these two, so I'm repeating it here and starting this thread to monitor the process from beginning to perfect trees in under 10 years. You believe that, don't you? Here they are are, Mr. Big... And Mr. Small... Both of these came in with...
  17. M

    New to Bonsai. Asking for bald cypress development guidance

    Hello all, I just joined the forum and am quite excited to start my first bald cypress bonsai project. A little backstory: I collected this BC in southern Florida in 2019 while I was working down there, and moved it back with me to upstate NY in late summer 2019. I put it in a temporary pot for...
  18. SU2

    [POLL] BC (and Red Maple) collection/yamadori's this season in the SE USA -- discussion on horticultural-timing of doing the deed!!

    [edited-in: I altered Poll phrasing from "optimal" to "OK", was my mistake - we already know optimal lol - so, "OK" is inherently subjective, for me I'd say it's acceptable to collect when I know I'll be getting a minimum of 4/5 success rate, whereas waiting to 'optimal' is more of a 19/20...
  19. JBP_85

    New Trees

    Hi Everyone, I just acquired some new trees and figured I’d share them with the group. @cbroad mentioned that Meehans Miniatures in Maryland was in my area so I went with them and ordered a Dawn Redwood, Trident Maple, and a Bald Cypress. Once I am able to more freely travel I plan on going...
  20. C

    Bald Cypress Bonsai - Thoughts

    I have a Bald Cypress Bonsai and I am waiting til all the leaves fall off before I prune. I live in Polk County and Cypress Trees are all over the place. I love them. I am very tentative when I prune. I want some ideas on the best way to shape this one. It has a second branch and I am thinking...
  21. HENDO

    Roots pushing out of slab edges - BC forest

    Hey All, For the past few weeks the edges of the muck/soil have been lifting up on my Bald Cypress planting, especially when it dries up a bit. I peeked underneath and there are roots growing out the sides, and of course the drainage holes as well. Is there anything that can be done to mitigate...
  22. David Nelams

    Bald Cypress in distress!

    I have a Bald Cypress that I harvested 4 years ago, For 3 years it lived in a homemade goldfish pond, since I moved I repotted it. Everything was going good until I asked my 12yr old son to move it for me. I turned away for a minute that’s when he tried picking it up by the trunk, pulling the...
  23. JuniperMasterRace

    Bald Cypress Yamadori

    I would like a true yamadori bald cypress. Something that is truly ancient. I can either pay or trade California Juniper yamadori.
  24. T

    Pruning/Training For Colorado Blue Spruce, Bald Cypress & Dawn Redwood

    Good day all, my first post on the site, hope to make some friends. I am in NYC {USDA plant zone 7B} and have a great backyard and quite a few years of growing a wide range of plants and gardening etc. I have recently been gifted three beautiful deciduous bonsai all three in the upright style...
  25. HENDO

    Chopped BC Beast Growth Question - remove any new growth now?

    Hey All, This might be a stupid question... My chopped BC are starting to explode. Before it may be too late I wanted to ask if it is the time to start removing/managing any new growth - if not, when is the right time? Here is the tree with the most growth so far. The reason I am asking is...
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