1. S

    question for those with experience of air layering to grow surface roots question - what to do once the roots grow?

    Seeking guidance on an air layering question: I am a beginner and am trying to develop surface roots. I am going to try the ‘ring’ air layering technique (cutting a ring through the bark and growing roots into moss). My question is, what should I do with the new roots once they have grown...
  2. DogDude

    New to Bonsai and Need advice

    Hello All, Well I guess I am having some kind of crisis. I decided to get into Bonsai's because of my experiences in South Korea when I was stationed there during my military service (Army). Today I picked up two Bonsai trees, one is a Juniper and the other I cannot remember the name to save my...
  3. nmilewski

    Collected Privet advice and feedback

    Hey all, I collected this privet from my brother's property this morning, and I'm really excited about it. I'm almost 2 years into taking bonsai seriously and have collected many trees. Most survive. I'm learning a lot about styling but think this is my best material collected and don't want...
  4. C

    Very new to bonsai... got a question

    Forgive me in advance for silly questions. I went to a bonsai fair and fell in love. Well the other day I randomly purchased a few plants that were leftover in the nursery. (A juniper and this one I think is a snow rose) I’m wondering is there a possible way to turn this plant into a bonsai...
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