1. Kodama

    A Palmatum Leaf Shrivel

    Hmm.. not sure what is causing this emerging new leaf shrivel on this bloodgood a. palmatum. Other leaves have unfolded just fine. It seems just recently that the new ones are shriveled. It has been warmer than usual for time of year. I just now put up the 40% shade cloth in hopes that will...
  2. Kodama

    Bloodgood Repot

    Picked up this Bloodgood last year from nursery because I thought it had good lower branch structure. I've heard these are not good specimen for bonsai because of long internodes but could be a great practice tree. Buds were starting to break so wanted to get it out of the can.
  3. TomRVA

    Big Ol Bloodgood

    Here’s a tree I collected from a neighbors yard who was going to have it chopped down. It was initially about a 15/20 foot tree , I went out in late December 2021 ( not ideal time but it survived!) and dug it up- it was a decent amount of work to get it out and boxed up. Here are some progress...
  4. Dank Piscean

    Best soil mix for Maple air layering after removal from parent tree?

    I've got two Bloodgood Maple air layerings out in my front yard that I've started a month ago. Still no roots but the sphagnum moss inside the air layer pods is still moist and just needs time. I know its gonna take at least another month or more for good roots to develop and I'll definitely...
  5. Dank Piscean

    First Air Layer of Red Maple in Front Yard

    It's through bonsai that I discovered what "air layering" was so I thought I'd give it a try on this Red Maple I have in my front yard. I believe its a bloodgood and there's a couple others on the same and neighboring blocks since they seem to be popular here. I love the color they give during...
  6. cbroad

    Bloodgood repotting & styling questions

    Hey everybody, I have a few questions about what I think is a Bloodgood J.M. I guess it could be Emperor 1 or Fireglow, they all look so similar to me when they're this small and very hard to tell the difference. IMG_20160222_124328 by cbroad posted Feb 22, 2016 at 2:18 PMIMG_20160222_124316 by...
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