bonsai moss

  1. D

    Live pillow moss 'tap water' vs 'pure water'

    Hi 👋 Recently I have purchased live moss online to make moss pots, the seller mentioned to use only pure water for the moss and never use 'tap water'. I have following ways available for that and which one of them is safe and suggested to use, 1. Leave the tap water for >24 hours before using...
  2. D

    What type of live moss if ideal for bonsai pots?

    Hi 👋, I have recently collected live moss(attached) to stuff my bonsai pots, I’m not sure if I could use this moss without causing any harm to the bonsai. In general any ideal live moss is suggested for bonsai pots or what I have should be fine? thank you.
  3. Ujjawal Roy

    General Bonsai soil discussion

    Hello guys, just wanted to share a thought with you about bonsai soils. I'm a self taught "trying to be" a bonsai artist, so, please forgive my lack of knowledge. I consider Mr. Nigel Saunders from The Bonsai Zone youtube channel as my online guru and have learned a lot from watching his videos...
  4. ekim046

    Kyoto Moss Spores ( J. Roth) vLog. Pt.1 medium and progress

    Hello everyone, Second post to the forum! I'm trying to culture some Kyoto Moss spores - yes, the ones that are known to fail. This is actually my second time giving this a go. Last time I think I was a bit lazy with it and failed for not even trying. This time around, I've done a share of...
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