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  1. T

    Where to look at quality pots for inspiration and find dimensions?

    Basically working with someone who is great with ceramics and they're willing to teach me about it as we both try and learn bonsai pots. I'd use my pots but most of mine are quite cheap ones until I get better/build nicer trees. So yea looking for advice on things like wall thickness, I've read...
  2. Round stoneware bonsai pot inside Ø 28 x 6 cm (11.0" x 2.4")

    Round stoneware bonsai pot inside Ø 28 x 6 cm (11.0" x 2.4")
  3. Hartinez


    This is a dedicated thread for PAIRING POTS WITH TREES. If you are uncertain on choosing a pot for your tree, then this thread is intended to help with that. Pairing pots with trees, I’m finding, is easier said than done and takes a keen eye to the composition. There are quite a few members...
  4. Small Bonsai Pot

    Small Bonsai Pot

  5. Pitoon

    Mame pots on a mini pottery wheel

    A couple months ago while looking for something on Amazon, I came across this mini pottery wheel. Despite the reviews of it being under powered I thought it could be usable to make mame pots. So yesterday I finally had some free time to really try it out. At the end of my testing of...
  6. StoneForest

    The Education of a Bonsai Potter

    Hello to all, new to the forum and looking forward to your valuable input. I have been a full time potter for sixteen years, and two years ago I began studying bonsai. As a master gardener the art drew me in and I have several trees of my own. I began making bonsai pots alongside my...
  7. Hartinez

    2020 Pot Acquisitions

    I’ve committed to upping my pot game for the 2020 season. Here are a few of my pickups this year with more to come in the mail and from different sources. It’s been an eclectic mix of pots from Japanese makers to American, to French makers.
  8. Gsquared

    Big thank you to American Bonsai Ceramics

    A big thank you to @thams for including me on his American Bonsai Ceramics site. I’m really honored to be included with all these great potters. If you haven’t seen the site, do, it is really inspiring to see all the fantastic bonsai pots that are being made in the US. And now for a little...
  9. pbethune

    Yard clean out pot

    This is one of the cool pots found a storage container, with about 20 smaller ones. 8 inches wide by 5 1/2 deep.
  10. sorce

    Kilnin' Myshelf

    Or Shelving my kiln! Got some more shelves today and did a practice stack outside of the kiln. Them new shelves kinda came with this.... Kiln sitter,(auto shut off) is broke, but seems good otherwise... Kinda hoping it DOESN'T work so I can convert it to gas! Unfortunately the elements are...
  11. Ashley Keller

    New Black Clay Series

    I have recently posted a new series of black clay bonsai pots for sale on my website that were inspired by some Japanese work that I have been studying. If you have any questions please let me know. Titles below link to my website where they can be purchased. Will ship world wide. Yellow Splash...
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