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  1. arbonsaiart

    Discover Potters: Now Live. Discover almost 300 active bonsai potters worldwide.

    Hello everyone! First time posting and I'm excited to share with you all my latest project, 'Discover Potters' on my website! ‘Discover Potters’ is a free online resource for the bonsai community to discover active bonsai potters worldwide! Whether you’re looking to support your...
  2. Gaea's listener

    Textured pots for bonsai- what are your suggestions?

    Hello everyone, I have been playing with creating an interesting texture for unglazed stoneware pots. I used multicoloured slips and oxides to create this effect. My question is: are you drawn into them? Would you plant one of your trees in a pot like that? If so, what kind of a tree and...
  3. Round stoneware bonsai pot inside Ø 28 x 6 cm (11.0" x 2.4")

    Round stoneware bonsai pot inside Ø 28 x 6 cm (11.0" x 2.4")
  4. Pitoon

    Mame pots on a mini pottery wheel

    A couple months ago while looking for something on Amazon, I came across this mini pottery wheel. Despite the reviews of it being under powered I thought it could be usable to make mame pots. So yesterday I finally had some free time to really try it out. At the end of my testing of...
  5. StoneForest

    The Education of a Bonsai Potter

    Hello to all, new to the forum and looking forward to your valuable input. I have been a full time potter for sixteen years, and two years ago I began studying bonsai. As a master gardener the art drew me in and I have several trees of my own. I began making bonsai pots alongside my...
  6. Gsquared

    Here be dragons...

    Three new pots in the works. Two dragons and an ex-dragon. The first one came through bisque firing with flying colors. Now in for the second firing. The other two are slow drying.
  7. Ashley Keller

    New Black Clay Series

    I have recently posted a new series of black clay bonsai pots for sale on my website that were inspired by some Japanese work that I have been studying. If you have any questions please let me know. Titles below link to my website where they can be purchased. Will ship world wide. Yellow Splash...
  8. Ashley Keller

    New June pots listed

    Hi there! I've recently listed a few new pots for sale and wanted to share a few of my favourites here. Shipping available worldwide. Titles for each piece link out to my online store where you can find other pieces as well. 6.25" Rectangle Bonsai Pot Unglazed Red Clay 4.75" Round...
  9. Ashley Keller

    Introducing myself and my bonsai pottery

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Keller and I'm a new member here in Bonsai Nut. I am a bonsai potter in Canada who has recently started an online business and would love your feedback on some of my work.
  10. Bloodwar

    making you're own bonsai pots

    Can we start a post about making bonsai pots out of cement or clay,ceramics. Some how to vids and advice.large pots are pricey.
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