1. MattE

    More of my 3d printed and painted pots.

    Hey all just wanted to share some of my 3d printed pots and pre bonsai..also my serissa is flowering so had to add that lol ( I love when they flower ) The pre bonsais are Tiger bark focus chinese elm portulacaria Thanks for looking.
  2. MattE

    Serissa styling and advice.

    Hey all. Just wanted to show you a serrissa I just picked up. I got a good deal on it and fell in love with the semi cascade. I tool the wires off as it was to tight and left on to long. A if some of you have styling ideas please share thoughts. B it's in horrible soil right now. Very muddy...
  3. Apex37

    Species that Respond Well to Styling and Repotting

    So I’m getting prepared early planning out my spring repots, soil, supplies I need to buy, etc. It got me thinking more about trees that respond well to pruning/styling and repotting the same time. This works better for some species than others, but I’d love to hear peoples experiences with...
  4. SmallTreeGuy

    Choosing the front/styling

    Hello everyone, I’m having a rather difficult time choosing a front on this Juniper. It has a beautiful curved trunk and great taper. I also need a little help choosing which branches to trim and which to keep. I was thinking about a possible a semi cascade with it by repositioning the tree...
  5. AnutterBonsai

    Boxwood Wintergreen “Winterstar” $13 find!

    Today I stumbled upon this great piece of material that I just couldn’t resist buying for at a great price! As you can see, starting at the nebari, it has those roots to the side that I loved because they don’t look, to me, too big of an issue and instead “anchor” the powerful and barky trunk...
  6. Apex37

    What Bonsai Has Taught Me

    There’s tons of similar threads to this, but I wanted to make one to highlight what bonsai has taught me and continues to teach me and take time to really thank the people here on Bonsai Nut. I don’t have many friends, maybe 2 in total, my significant other being my best friend. This community...
  7. M

    Collected Buttonwood from Florida

    Hi all! Just wanted to send some pics of a buttonwood I found. Styling suggestions/virts always welcome! The tree is budding everywhere, I’m really excited to see where it goes.
  8. V

    Painting inside of bonsai pots

    Been stusying Bonsai for 4 months now. I have 8 indoor trees and plan on creating bonsai pots of my own, using cement. I see videos on youtube of people making them with molds and wiring. At the end they paint them of course. The inside of the pot as well. I keep wondering what kind of paint...
  9. M

    STUMPED about branch placement.

    Hi all. I’m stumped about how to choose which branches to keep on this chinese elm tree (and really any tree in general). How do you choose which branches to keep vs cut off? How do I choose a 1st vs 2nd vs back branch and so on?? I’ve read that there are some guidelines to follow with...
  10. Deep Sea Diver

    Bonsai Heresay - second printing soon - Pre orders being accepted

    Happy Friday! Michael Hagedorn posted this today…… Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition, my offbeat educational book for bonsai practitioners, is in its second printing, arriving shortly at Stone Lantern. Pre-orders are ongoing! cheers DSD sends
  11. W

    I cannot find what is this in my Chinese Elm Bonsai, is this black spots?

    I am new to the bonsai world. And I feel like I'm going crazy? because I don't know what's going on with my bonsai. I haven't found anything like it on the internet and forums. A little bit of history, I've had it for 1 month. It got infected with white bugs, so I treated it with...
  12. Miyagi_Do_Bonsai

    Urgent Trident Maple Help!

    Needs some urgent help Not sure if this is normal but my Shohin Trident Maple which I purchased back in December has come into leaf like a month back however the leaves were looking a bit tangled and bunched together, after a few weeks I left it outside a few weeks back when the night temp went...
  13. TurtleSquisher

    In for a TREAT.

    Good morning friends~ I have some SUPER exciting news. I just recently picked up my first Red Japanese Maple from a trip. Not but 3 days of having it, I had 6 clippings potted an ready to root. What happened in those 3 days might shock you. So after I got home I went over to my friend's...
  14. Lawrencek

    Does this look like a good/decent soil to you?

    We looked for pre mixed soils on eBay and Amazon was actually pretty hard I'm in the UK probably easier in the US; eventually we found this seller with a really good reputation called 'Ash Bonsai'. And bought a repotting kit for a bargain price.what I wanted to ask is does this look like a good...
  15. S

    Way to save or propagate a ficus ginseng bonsai after serious root rot?

    Hi! I have a little dear ginseng bonsai that got serious root rot after a heatwave then likely too much moisture. Its leaves fell off, and I recently noticed the bottom of its single trunk had become hollow, and it started to tip over. I tried to wipe off the gooey hollowed rotten trunk, it...
  16. Alvaro

    What kind of pine tree is this?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post I’ts my first time posting here. I need some help here, a friend gave me this tree that collected and I want to know what kind of tree it is, from what I read and the description I found in this article, it is a Limber pine -“This species of conifer can have...
  17. Lawrencek

    Repotting Chinese elm for first time, advice needed.

    Hello all, someone might recognize me about a year ago I bought my friend a Chinese elm bonsai and I posted a thread on this website about if everything looked ok because the trunk had a odd bend to it (advertised as broom style) and the soil looked dislodged. I got some good feedback on here...
  18. CapeCodBonsai1

    Yamadori Hunts In New England?

    Hello everyone, new to bonsai nut forum. I am wondering if anybody in the New England area are planning Yamadori hunts this spring. Preferably with permission from land owners. Hoping to find my first Larch. I would love to join you or your group!
  19. M

    Yamadori Chinese Elm

    Dug up this chinese elm from the woods in Central Florida today. Here’s the plan with it: What do y’all think?
  20. LunaticTree

    Collection of various Coniferes

    My English is not to good, but I will try my best! Last year I managed to collect some Austrian Black Pine Seedlings, as you can tell, some of them are a bit bigger and some are super tiny. All of them do pretty good and they all have good healthy roots so far. I am not sure yet where I will...
  21. the_ungawa

    Tree Identification Help

    Hello Bonsai Nut, I am new to the forum as a poster, but I have lurked off and on for some time. I am not new to bonsai, but I have not kept up with my studies or maintenance of my trees beyond watering, fertilizing, and repotting. I have recently become motivated to "come back" to taking it a...
  22. Mr.Dr.K

    Novice: Chinease Elm. Advice and thoughts?

    This is my 1st and only Bonsai which was gifted to me about 2.5 years ago. At first I didn't know much about the species of tree, pruning etc... but managed to keep the tree alive and healthy. I don't have pics from when I 1st got it, but it has grow significantly. After reading a little on...
  23. Apex37

    Bonsai Releaf - Japanese Larch

    Just wanted to share the latest video by Bonsai Releaf. This guy has some of the best bonsai videos I've ever seen. Between his vision, the editing, and the music selection, it inspires me to want to work on my trees and learn more. My only wish was that he had more videos, but with the editing...
  24. M

    Chinese Elm vs Drake Elm?

    Hello all, I live in central Florida and throughout my years living here, I’ve noticed an abundance of Chinese elm trees in landscapes and in the wild. The trees have the orange flaky iconic bark that Chinese elms possess and the small leathery elm leaves. The trees max out at about 30 feet...
  25. KleinM

    Neglected Ficus Natalensis

    Hi guys! So I have this Natal ficus and it was severely neglected. No pruning or repotting has been done to it in over 10 years or so. It was very pot bound in a small circular pot (the surface roots are hardened of in a circular pattern) and was potted into its current pot at the beginning of...
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