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    My ficus microcarpa Bonsaiis ready for festival season
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    20210627_191458-001 (1).jpg

    Ficus traingularis made in to cascade style Bonsai
  3. M

    Juniper Help

    Hey guys. I recently found what I believe is a red cedar aka eastern juniper in the woods in florida and I dug it out because it had nice features. I should’ve done more research on juniper before I drastically pruned it, because it turns out that juniper does not back bud on branches if...
  4. J

    Korean Hornbeam needs help....

    Hi All, I have this beautiful hornbeam which is over a year old Korean Hornbeam tree. After I moved to a new place, I had placed the hornbeam near the window south facing and I believe the tree has been scorched in heat with lots of sunlight. The leaves were all burnt so I had to plucked the...
  5. KleinM

    Beware of stolen bonsai!

    Someone broke into the Eastern Leaf nursery and stole about 40 trees. Some of which Jason has worked on for 10 years. Really makes me feel sick that people would do something like this. If you see any of these trees for sale, contact them immediately please.
  6. N

    Help with prunus serrulata

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and have started a prunus serrulata from seed. I am looking for some advice on what to do next. I am heading into fall soon, and then winter. During winter I will store outside under cover of snow (I live in Canada BC). It has grown substantially and is over a foot...
  7. M

    Yamadori Oak Styling

    Dug up this oak a few months ago and it’s bursting with beautiful new foliage. Do you guys think this is suitable material for a good bonsai? Maybe if I chop it low and start a new leader? I dug it up because I thought the nebari was beautiful and there was a little taper at the base.
  8. BenBSeattle

    Seattle Bonsai Auction by the Puget Sound Bonsai Association

    Hope to see some the local Seattle and Pacific Northwest Folks at the Auction this year.
  9. AnutterBonsai

    My first Burtt-Davyii ficus

    Managed to get a great deal in one of the FB auction sites and snagged this ficus! bought it from the Wigerts auction account. It’s my first ficus ever in my collection and they tend to grow really well in Houston — with the high humidity and heat. I like the nebari it’s already been...
  10. My bonsai collection got stolen

    My bonsai collection got stolen

    Can we share this post. Last night a couple of people stole my collection. Including a tree that my two year old picked out when he was a baby.
  11. AnutterBonsai

    My $13 azalea summer project [experiment]

    Found a pretty good sized Encore Azalea at Lowe’s yesterday and did a full bare root repot of it and some major pruning back to give primary structure definition. the purpose of this experiment is to see if it’ll endure the Texas summer heat in august. I only used a wooden chopstick to...
  12. M

    Dug Up Wisteria

    Hi everyone. I just dug up this wisteria that my neighbor didn’t want. It’s very fat for a vine, but quite ugly. It’s about 8 inches wide at the base. Any styling suggestions? Should I just throw it out?
  13. AnutterBonsai

    First time with Juniper Parsonii

    Bought some rooted Parsoni juniper cuttings! Does anyone have experience dealing with them and developing pads/ ramification? I’ve heard they’re really hardy so that’s a plus for my zone. Excited to develop both of them and try different styles. thinking of uppotting them soon, maybe… because...
  14. M

    Azalea style suggestions

    Hello, I have an azalea stump that I’m going to be transforming into bonsai. Pictured below is my desired front: Given that this is the front of the future bonsai, what styles would you guys recommend for me? I am not creative at all and I will not be able to create a beautiful tree...
  15. A

    Hard pruning of yew

    Hi there, Just started bonsai, I’ve bought a small yew tree from the local nursery. Hoping to teach myself the basics. Unsure which branches to keep and which to chopping off to get the bonsai style/shape. Was thinking of cutting at the red line but unsure what to do next. Any suggestions/advice...
  16. AnutterBonsai

    Oolong and Bonsai book by Peter Warren

    Excited to start my journey with Peter Warren’s “Bonsai”. Small juniper I bought last year. While the growing season is going I’ll be enjoying my time with this resource and just enjoy the journey itself. Cheers!
  17. Z

    Leaves yellow and dropping by off

    Hi , it’s been about two-three months now, since my flame tree has been growing and I’m not sure if my plant is dying or just dropping leaves as the season changes? I do live in Canada, Toronto specifically, any advice on what I should be doing? I water about twice a week, enough to keep the...
  18. AnutterBonsai

    Uppotting mallsai

    Hello all! My first post, long time lurker. I have three mallsai, one Chinese elm and two junipers; my question is: I’d like to uppot them for thickening of trunk and growth and development of the trees. What type of soil will I need for both types of trees? I live in Houston, TX Bonus question...
  19. M

    Bonsai Back View: Important?

    Hey friends. I’m curious what you guys’ opinions are as to how good the backside of a bonsai trunk looks. Does it matter or does it not? Can an ugly trunk backside just be hidden by branches and foliage over time? or does it take away from the value of the tree? For example, I have this...
  20. M

    Crepe Myrtle Styling Help

    Ripped out this crepe myrtle earlier in the summer that was unwanted but I have no idea what to do with it. I can’t seem to find any kind of structure fitting for a bonsai. If I just chop off all the top and leave a fat stump I’d be waiting 15 years for a decent sized new leader to come in...
  21. M

    Azalea problem

    Hey guys. I have a satsuki shrub that I’ve been wanting to chop into a bonsai for awhile and I have a general idea as to what shape I’m trying to achieve and everything, but I’m having an issue with timing. I live in zone 9a and people I’ve asked have advised me to not chop until january or...
  22. M

    American Beech Yamadori

    Hey friends, I recently dug up this very interesting American Beech from the forests of West Virginia. I thought it had very interesting and beautiful features. i am not experienced with deadwood or much wiring though, and I don’t know if it has potential. What do you guys think? worth it...
  23. M

    Crepe Myrtle: Decisions

    Hello friends. I dug up this young purple crepe myrtle from a friend’s yard that they didn’t want. It’s relatively long and skinny for bonsai so I’m deciding whether or not to chop off the majority of the top. My plan is pictured below. Seem like a good idea? What would you guys do?
  24. Apex37

    Calendar Guide?

    Is there anything out there that has a calendar like guide on maybe repotting times, pruning times, defoliation, wiring, etc. that can be easy for beginner to understand and follow? Maybe something that delves into each major bonsai species and what to do each quarter?
  25. M

    Crepe Myrtle: Potential or No Potential?

    Hi all, In our landscape, there was this crepe myrtle that my parents wanted to get rid of and I figured: why not use it for bonsai. I am relatively new to bonsai and would like to know if this is usable material. The leaves on this variety are very small and glossy and the flowers are red...
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