1. V

    Tiny/Microscopic Bugs in Bonsai, Leaves Spotting

    Hi! I got a Ficus Bonsai last week, and it seemed perfectly fine. As the soil was completely dry, I watered it the next day, and many tiny microscopic insects came to the surface of the soil, and then crawled back down. When I lifted the pot from the plate (where the water drains), there were...
  2. MrJesseStrong

    Shimpaku Styling - Tak Yamaura field grown junipers styled by myself

    Here's 3 Shimpaku junipers Ive styled recently. Tak Yamaura is Western Canada's most recognized bonsai professional with a history going back to Japan in the 60s and 70s. He owns a great nursery here in Surrey, BC. Most of the field grown junipers and black pine in my garden I have acquired from...
  3. bonsai collection

    bonsai collection

  4. B

    Bonsai Dying.. Help!

    She is a pink pixie bonsai tree that is only 2 years old. She has not blossomed yet, but has been very healthy and full until last week. She has always been an indoor tree, but sits near windows. We moved at the end of July and she took to the move well. I prune her about every month. About 2...
  5. B

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi, I'm very new to bonsai, trying to read as much as I can. I was given this conifer (not sure exactly what type) by my neighbor. Is this a suitable tree to bonsai or Is it already too large? If you could point me in the direction of a good bonsai 101 tutorial that would be great. Thanks, Scott
  6. Hartinez

    Large one seed juniper progression

    Collected this one seed juniper (Juniperus Monosperma) in early spring 2017. Great root ball at collection, and was able to reduce the original soil amount pretty significantly from the get go. Planted in pumice and composted bark. Watered and fed all last year and this growing season...
  7. H

    Sumo Privet Ligustrum 14" Base

    I dug this tree out about 6 weeks ago. Took 4 weeks for buds to appear. Freebie on Craigslist. Last picture, where the lizard is at, is a new bud popping. Hoping for another bud higher up. But this will do if not. I'm amazed at the healing calluses already. These trees are trully indestructible...
  8. HeroAKKD

    My Bonsai branches are turning dried and crispy one by one... Help please

    Hello and welcome all ! I have bought a bonsai tree last October. I was told by the seller that this is a 10 year old indoor tree and I suspect it is a privet although I had not found a single image that shows a tree with leaves that are the same as mine. For the bast 7 months the leaves on...
  9. Saddler

    Shohin Maple Trunk

    I wired this trunk while still on the parent tree and removed it about three years ago. I’ve had it at a friends the whole time and missed repotting it every year. I’ll repot it next spring. This fall I want to cut it back to the primary branches and grow the leader out to thicken the top...
  10. bhunsai

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify :D

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify these two i have here. named "Garuda" (the tall one, eagle) and "Kurma" (the small one, turtle) I bought these guys after a fair bit of thought went into purchasing a bonsai for my birthday, buuuut the owner had a tonne of them (100-150) and didn't...
  11. K

    Is this a decent starting grow light?

    So I’m wanting to get something better than what I have right now, which is a one grow bulb that goes in a normal lamp and some cheap LED grow lights I got on amazon for 20 bucks. I saw this today at Walmart and they are 4’LED lights. Says it’s sunshune spectrum but I was wondering if this...
  12. Tona

    Fifth Annual Los Angeles Community Bonsai Swapmeet

    The FIFTH annual LA Community Bonsai Swap Meet will be Sunday, March 25 at 10 am at Jesse Owens Park at 7100 White Oak Avenue Reseda CA. The following sellers have confirmed: Albert Rivera, Barry Miller, Javier Vallin, Michael Bullington, Jeff Lahr, Mitch Massey, Nel Son, Nghi Bui, Russell...
  13. E

    Dying white pine bonsai. Please help!

    Hi everyone, I am really worried. I bought this white pine bonsai online (cant even find now which website) as a Christmas present for my husband. It arrived at mid December, when I got it out of the box, needles looked very dry and easily brealing off. But initially I thought it suffered a bit...
  14. H

    Virginian, new to Bonsai.

    Hello all, I am wanting to start some Bonsai trees. I don't know much and that is why I am posting here to get some direction. I am actually thinking of growing from seedling. I have experience with seedling growth. First of all are there any good guidebooks for starting Bonsai? Maybe a...
  15. H

    First Schefflera

    I found this tree buried in the back of a mom and pop nursery. Paid $12. I felt like I was stealing it. I'm still deciding on an overall height. There are a lot of aerial roots on the upper sections of the branches. Not sure if I want to lose those. Thinking I'll keep them. Hoping to get it...
  16. H

    Bougainvillea First Cut

    Picked up yesterday at a local nursery. Good price $14. I just teased the roots a little, replaced some soil, and gave it a prune. Hopefully gets some wiring done next weekend. Deciding on a front still.
  17. Culper Woodhull

    Sarissa not looking so good.

    I bought a Serissa a month ago. Every since I recieved it, I've seen it slowly but surley deteriorate in health. I've been letting it dry out between waterings, I have it about 2 feet from a south facing window. Temperature has been back amd forth. Lowest 70 degrees, highest 78, it's that time...
  18. AlanReynolds

    Variegated Juniper Progression Pictures

    I'm just posting these pictures as a kind of a progression log for this tree. You guys are more than welcome to come take a look also.
  19. B

    First Bonsai - Black Pine

    Hello, Im 20 Years old and just got my first tree, I bought it from eBay as I liked the idea that I could manipulate the tree and learn the skill before starting from seed in the future. Everything is going good, Im happy with the shape and so far looks good, Ive had it for a month now and its...
  20. E

    Root Over Rock Project - Rock Highlight and plan

    Hello everyone, I've been keeping an eye out for a rock for an upcoming root-over-rock project. After months of passively searching, I found this little gem: While it has numerous wonderful features, it looks like it will come with it's share of difficulties. I go over these in the video...
  21. R

    Bonsai Archives Need Video Donations

    For a number of years, our website has offered at no charge to archive text which is believed to be of value to our fellow enthusiasts. Please see . We are now ready for the next step: archiving videos of value to the bonsai community. A YouTube...
  22. George Small

    Dawn Redwood

    Any advice is welcome. When is the best time to trim ? Also what type / style pot would be the best. Tree is currently 44" tall. It was grown in grown and was potted about 18 months ago. Very healthy. Thanks G.
  23. ionca

    I rooted weeping willow from a branch

    What is the timeline for growing this into bonsai?
  24. cole morton

    Collection Rules on Vacocouver Island (BC)

    I am new to Bonsai, and am very interested in collecting specimens from the wild (Along highways, in parks .etc). However I am having an extremely difficult time finding anything about the regulations surrounding recreational plant collection. Does anyone know of general rules/where to find...
  25. Mad Furiosa


    This is my first bonsai. It's a chinese elm and I grew it from a seed. Always indoors, watered daily with a little diluted fertilizer, mist it sometimes. Southern Alberta. It seems healthy growing lots but all a sudden I notice one of the newer leaves has a brown tip? and the older leaves have...