1. Apex37

    Growing Pines for Bonsai by Julian Adams

    I currently have Bonsai Today Master’s Series on Pines and was thinking about picking up a copy of Julian Adams book on growing pines. For those who own both, what would you say are the biggest differences? I was hoping to get some material that covered some of native pines, but not sure if...
  2. Apex37

    Visual Books that Show Pest/Fungal Issues with Trees

    Curious if anyone has recommendations on books that show common pests/fungal issues based on tree species, hopefully with visual guides. The issue I’m thinking is the sheer amount of volume of stuff that would hold. I imagine it may have to be region specific, so if it’s just native N. American...
  3. Deep Sea Diver

    Bonsai Heresay - second printing soon - Pre orders being accepted

    Happy Friday! Michael Hagedorn posted this today…… Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition, my offbeat educational book for bonsai practitioners, is in its second printing, arriving shortly at Stone Lantern. Pre-orders are ongoing! cheers DSD sends
  4. B

    WTB Saburo Kato's Forest, Rock Planting, & Ezo Spruce Bonsai Book

    Looking for a used copy that is collecting dust! If that is possible with this book! Thanks!
  5. Apex37

    Where to Buy Bonsai Heresy

    Just finished up a book I've been reading and have heard amazing things about Michael's book and thought it was time I gave it a read. I've looked at Stone Lantern and Super Fly bonsai and they're both sold out. Any recommendations on where I could pick this book up at?
  6. IIppon

    Bonsai Books 2021

    Hello everyone! I know that this topic about bonsai books is already a common ask everywhere, but I would like to do it a bit differently for the purpose of sharing your thoughts and giving update in 2021 about valuable and available Bonsai Books. I am looking for this topic since few days now...
  7. Chris Frechette

    Recommendations for a bonsai horticultural science book?

    I'm really interested in better understanding the horticultural science relating to bonsai. Any recommendations?
  8. sparklemotion

    Bonsai Today Masters' Series Pine Book vs. Volume 20

    I've given up on trying to find a (legal) copy of Bonsai Today Vol. 20. I will save you my internal rant regarding artificial scarcity caused by physical media. In my search, I ran across this book from Stone Lantern. Description: Can anyone confirm that the content of the elusive Bonsai...
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