1. Y

    Little Bug that I can’t identify

    Anyone know what this is? Found them all on a dying juniper in my garden about two weeks ago and sprayed some neem oil. Then two days ago a potted up a Dawn redwood sapling that I just got and when I went out today I saw the same bugs so I snapped a pic real quick. Are they pests or are they...
  2. LaoTzu

    Mite identification - Norway Pusch Spruce

    Hello everyone (: I just got a Norway Pusch Spruce that I am hoping to slowly make into a bonsai. It has a ton of small little white mites crawling all around the soil and seemingly burrowing and hiding in the cracks of the bark. I got the tree at a discount in hopes of saving it but the tree...
  3. O

    Tiny, Round, Brown-ish Jumping Insects

    Hey all, Happy spring (if you're in the spring'n part of the world.) I've got some tiny insects I haven't seen before crawling around on the benches in my yard. I'm wondering if anyone could identify them. I haven't had much luck googling. They seem to be crawling around on my wood benches, I...
  4. S

    Help Identifying Bug

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and fairly new to bonsai trees. I'm not entirely sure of what type of tree I have, but it's been doing very well. I've had it for about 6 months and seems to be growing. However, I have noticed I have these incredibly tiny black bugs that crawl all over the soil and...
  5. Woodland Spirit

    login glitch?

    Lately when I log in I have to do it twice. Every time. Anyone else having this issue or is it more likely on my end of the connection?
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