burning bush

  1. H

    Harvest from ground

    First and foremost I'm brand new here and have come to a bit of guidance. Super new (this year is my first year with bonsai) to bonsai but I'm rather well at growing things in the garden or flowers etc. I have had a burning bush growing in the front for 10+ years now. And it had a baby coming...
  2. Backwardsvg

    Collect Burning Bush?

    I have the opportunity to collect this burning bush and I’m wondering the best way to go about it. Some details: It is about 4-5 inches at the base it’s got a cool movement to it and has good low branching It is in pure sand I do currently have a burning bush in a bonsai training pot that...
  3. Apex37

    Experience with Pruning Burning Bush

    Just curious other's experiences with this species. I have one I got from HD some time back that I'm planning on repotting and doing some pruning once spring starts up (usually here it's best the last week of Feb or first 2 weeks of March). Interested to hear about how well they back bud and...
  4. Apex37

    Interesting Lowe's Finds

    Found a couple trees I have not worked on before, but thought they could make decent bonsai subjects. Ended up spending maybe $15 a piece on them. Anyway, first one is a dwarf burning bush and second is a dwarf bottlebrush. Any tips on care and working on either of these? I'll probably just...
  5. szelelaci

    Burning bush - informal broom

    I picked up this burning bush (euonymus alatus compactus) in a local hardware store almost for free. The trunk has nice taper, and as far as I could dug down there is a good start for a cool nebari too. I came up with a virt about what I think it could become in about 7-10 years. It requires to...
  6. j evans

    Need a Doctor

    I have another thread for my burning bush but thought more views would be possible in a new thread. I am guessing that these are spider mites? Confusing that you can see them, the black but what is the white? Do you just wash these off or I have some fungicide that says it is for spider mites...
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