1. tamakwe

    New to California Juniper collecting...

    I started bonsai when I was a kid about 15 years ago and had a lot of great mentors. Within a few years, my entire collection was made of of mature trees I had collected in the Northeast from the wild. Most of the men in my family were hunters and a couple were foresters, so I knew a lot of...
  2. ColinFraser

    2016 Shohin Seminar

    thinking about attending this: I had such a great experience at the GSBF 2015 convention, and I know there's a significant overlap in attendees. "The only event of it’s kind in the U.S. Every two years the California Shohin Society organizes a Shohin Seminar in Santa...
  3. aframe

    California Juniper; 1 year progression

    The CA Juniper was collected from Mojave Desert, Jaw Bone Canyon 1999. It has been in a 40 gal plastic pot until I got it in June 2013. Here's the tree as received, initial pruning and some dead wood cleaning, late summer 2013: