1. Ruddigger

    Rudd’s California Juniper #2

    It’s probably time to start a progress thread on this tree. I posted my initial styling in my Apprenticeship thread, but I’ll post the pictures again here. I initially styled this tree belonging to David Nguy in November 2022. There were a couple issues with this initial styling, first that...
  2. BTrees3

    Wisteria bonsai tree from seed

    Hello Bonsai People, I’m completely new to growing Bonsai tree’s. I haven’t grown a single thing my entire life up until now. I’ve got 2 wisteria seedlings I’m super proud of! They’re growing up so fast, and I was wondering if I could get any advice on things I should be doing now or in the...
  3. BonsaiBay

    40+ Year old mystery Juniper hedge

    Hi All, While the pictures aren't great, does anyone know what type of juniper this is and it's viablility for good bonsai foliage? They are planted in a mobile home park and I was just given permission to take what I want before they rip everything out, including a fruit tree. I was shown...
  4. tamakwe

    New to California Juniper collecting...

    I started bonsai when I was a kid about 15 years ago and had a lot of great mentors. Within a few years, my entire collection was made of of mature trees I had collected in the Northeast from the wild. Most of the men in my family were hunters and a couple were foresters, so I knew a lot of...
  5. ColinFraser

    2016 Shohin Seminar

    thinking about attending this: I had such a great experience at the GSBF 2015 convention, and I know there's a significant overlap in attendees. "The only event of it’s kind in the U.S. Every two years the California Shohin Society organizes a Shohin Seminar in Santa...
  6. aframe

    California Juniper; 1 year progression

    The CA Juniper was collected from Mojave Desert, Jaw Bone Canyon 1999. It has been in a 40 gal plastic pot until I got it in June 2013. Here's the tree as received, initial pruning and some dead wood cleaning, late summer 2013:
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