1. LeoMame

    Camellia's cracking bark

    Hello Bonsai people, I come to you with a question concerning the bark of a camellia. I noticed that it's cracking in some points: I have very little experience about this species (I acquired this one couple of years ago), I was only able to see young garden plants or old specimens in bonsai...
  2. LeoMame

    Camellia's brown leaves - too soon to worry?

    Hello everyone, I'm enjoying my Camellia opening its first flowers, but noticed couples of leaves displaying some browning on the edges/tip. Now, as you can see the tree appears in very good health (as said, only couple of leaves shows it), so I'm not too concerned about it; nevertheless...
  3. C

    Camellia Japonica overwintering ideas

    Hey everyone! First post here! For Christmas, my family gifted me a few trees that I'm super stoked about. One of them being a Camellia, and I'm not sure what to do with it this winter. I live in northern VA, Zone 7A, and we've been having a very mild winter so far, but I fear the...
  4. D


    Hi everyone, I love camellia in general and especially in bonsai forms/practices. There isn’t a lot of information about camellia bonsai or camellia bonsai anywhere. I rarely see camellia bonsai let alone a super nice ones. I started this thread in hope anyone has knowledge and experience on...
  5. ThornBc

    Recently introduced evergreen cultivars with good potential

    As the name suggests, this thread is about some new/little known cultivars of evergreen species which show better potential to be trained as bonsai than better known ones. A common issue is leaf size, but I've recently acquired some with particularly small leaves. Obviously, these might be seen...
  6. pink-flower.jpg


    Camellia Japonica Sasanqua
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