1. Apex37

    Are These New Candles Pushing?

    Went out in the garden after working all day and been busy. I noticed my JBP appears to be pushing new candles?? Should I be worried? I repotted it this spring due to a bad needlecast issue and having it in too big of a grow box that stayed too wet. I did no rootwork, basically just slip potted...
  2. ecalvillo7

    Pine question... growth without candles?

    Hi Bonsai Nuts! I got a pine from a friend some months ago and started to see some budding in the needles that were cut. It seems as if it does not grow by candles but by budding where the cut was made... so, now i don´t know if it is really a pine, or is it a different species of tree? Any help...
  3. Rodrigo

    Japanese black pine starting to bud right before winter.

    Hello, My first Japanese black pine got a weekend of more sun than usual after a weekend out of town. I believe it caused to think it was spring again and it's starting to bud out. I don't want to lose all the energy it stored for the spring so is there any way I can stop it from extending...
  4. BeebsBonsai

    Juvenile Growth on Japanese Black Pine

    Hello, I purchased a Japanese Black Pine in late February this year. Instead of candles, this Black Pine had produced all pollen sacs. Judging by the shape of the tree, I am guessing these were produced as a last resort attempt at reproduction from the dying tree. I removed all of the pollen...
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