cherry blossom

  1. Carapace

    A little help with my japanese quince and a prunus incisa oshidori?

    Hi, I am getting a a very japanese quince and also a japanese cherry blossom "oshidori" and I have read somewhere that these plants should be repotted in the autumn. I am not really chasing flowers next year, I want them to grow well and get established and also avoid diseases that usually...
  2. J

    New to Bonsai - My Cherry Tree

    Hi all I just got my first plant to turn into a bonsai. I've read countless guides and some online books about Bonsai and plenty on internet forums. I am familiar with all the terms and techniques at a textbook level, but lack experience and confidence. Therefore I am most after your opinions...
  3. NoobKing

    Noob tries to Bonsai : How do I start? (Cherry Blossoms)

    Hello kind Bonsai nerds of the internet! I have came across this beautiful hobby and am interested in trying it out. Currently I have my eyes set on growing a Cherry Blossom Bonsai, because I think they look really nice. I was wondering if anyone could help me get started and point me in the...
  4. C

    Help with weeping cherry

    Hello. I recently bought this kiku shidare-zakura cultivar from a nursery and wish to convert it to a bonsai if possible. Would like to get some feedback before I do anything later. It's currently about a meter tall and still in the pot it was sent in. First I was planning to repot to a bigger...
  5. S

    Propagating Cherry Blossom Cuttings

    Hi, I was watching a video and i'm confused on which method i should do, currently i have the cuttings like this, should i put them in soil instead?
  6. Mr.Dr.K

    Germinating Japanese Cherry Blossom

    My girlfriend saw some photos of Japanese Cherry Blossoms' and she decided to purchase some seeds for me to sow, as she knows that I'm newly-fascinated with Bonsai. To Combat Mold, I soaked half the seeds in a bleach/water solution and the other half in a Hydrogen Peroxide solution for 10...
  7. M

    Looking for advice with beginning stage if growth

    Hello, I got a bonsai kit from and I wanted to grow a cherry blossom bonsai. I had germinated the 5 seeds in the fridge and when it came time to plant I had 3 good ones. I planted them all in a small pot and placed them on a heat mat with plastic wrap over the top. It has been a couple weeks...
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