chinease elm

  1. Mr.Dr.K

    Chinese Elm development advice?

    Hello all and Happy New Year. Two years ago I made a mistake and killed a chinese elm—I allowed it to sit in the rain too long after root work. You know how it ended. I purchased this nursery stock in winter 22, bare root and repot in spring of 23, allowed it to grow unchecked the 1st season and...
  2. glass_shark

    Failed air layering attempt

    Hello all, so I have unfortunately not gotten this Chinese elm to root, and have since taken the moss ball off of the tree. it's been off for a few days so everything soft seems to have callused over. 1, does anyone have any idea what went wrong? and 2, should I do anything to this to prevent...
  3. K

    Prep for first show

    Hi all, Next weekend I have the opportunity to enter my first show as part of my local club. I have prepped my Chinese elm forest with moss the best I could with moss pulled from a full sun area and put on as a patchwork of smaller sheets. I was wondering however if anyone had tips or...
  4. G

    How to increase nebari (or even that big outside roots)

    I went to a nursery this weekend and saw some chinese elm that I really like and took home, they had some big "on top" roots and I asked the owner how he did achieve that, and he said the trick was when the plant is very young and growing up leave with little to no substrate and that would make...
  5. W

    I cannot find what is this in my Chinese Elm Bonsai, is this black spots?

    I am new to the bonsai world. And I feel like I'm going crazy? because I don't know what's going on with my bonsai. I haven't found anything like it on the internet and forums. A little bit of history, I've had it for 1 month. It got infected with white bugs, so I treated it with...
  6. Mr.Dr.K

    Parvifolia: Rookie mistakes

    I'm new to Bonsai and currently harbor two trees. My first, a Chinease Elm which was gifted about three summers ago as a very small, young sapling. Great beginner tree as they are very tough. My 1st mistake: Initially, not learning of my species of tree; how it grows, native Habitat etc...
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