chinese sweet plum

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    chinese sweet plumb

    I live in Manchester and have a chinese sweet plumb. I have been keeping it outside however with the winter coming will it be ok outside or should I bring it inside. In the past when I brought it inside it tended to lose leaves. What do people think
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    Help me diagnose my sweet plum tree please

    Hello, My bonsai lost a load of leaves recently when we moved house which I assumed was because it was a change of environment. It has since started growing new shoots again however the leaves keep going brown at the ends and wilting. I water whenever it gets dry and it's in the sunniest spot...
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    Chinese Sweet Plum (Yellow leaves)

    I have a Chinese Sweet Plum that appears to be getting yellow leaves I did have it in another room getting indirect light. see first picture So after some advice I've move it to the kitchen in a window (around 2 weeks ago) that if south facing so as much light as I can. Is this something...
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