chishio improved

  1. S

    Taking on a Shishio/Chishio Improved Cutting

    I purchased this young cutting online as a new project. This will be my second maple and I am definitely still a bonsai rookie. I’ve posted a pic of the tree as well as the planter I intend on using for the next couple of years. Reason for my post is that I want to make sure I do this very...
  2. dlquick

    Acer Palmatum 'Shishio/Chishio Improved'

    I'm posting this thread as not just a record for myself, but as an inspiration to others as well. This particular cultivar of Japanese Maple ('Shishio Improved') is quickly becoming my favorite. I was inspired to try my hand at creating a specimen for myself after drooling over Brian Van Fleet's...
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