cold hardiness

  1. Bonsai Noodles

    Cultivar-specific hardiness?

    Does anyone have a list of cultivar-specific hardiness (cold/heat/sun tolerance)? For example, I have anecdotally heard that Japanese Maple Arakawa are very sun-tolerant. On the other hand, Japanese Maple Katsura are cold-tolerant (some people have apparently had success growing them in the...
  2. Rivian

    Cold hardy crepe myrtle?

    I read there are crepe myrtle / Lagerstroemia indica that were bred for Zone 5. I would like to add a few to my growing field, they have such pretty bark. Please tell me anything you know about this, especially if you have first hand experience
  3. Bonsai Noodles

    Trident Maple vs. Japanese Maple cold tolerance? Difference between cold hardiness or tolerance to low-colds?

    When I look at the USDA Cold Hardiness ratings for the trident vs. Japanese maple, I saw that the trident maple can tolerate as low as zone 4, whereas Japanese maples can only go to zone 5. But when I read online, I saw that trident maples are a bit more susceptible to cold damage/death in...
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