1. P

    need Help keeping new juniper bonsai alive in winter.

    I just got a 6 year old juniper bonsai from Florida. I live in Virginia. I think the Winters are much colder here, so I'm wondering what I need to do to keep this tree alive through the cold season. Do I need to acclimate my bonsai? If so, how would I go about doing that? If not, do I just place...
  2. Clicio

    For you, unbelievers...

    First frost of the year. Yeap, today.
  3. Bonsai Noodles

    Cultivar-specific hardiness?

    Does anyone have a list of cultivar-specific hardiness (cold/heat/sun tolerance)? For example, I have anecdotally heard that Japanese Maple Arakawa are very sun-tolerant. On the other hand, Japanese Maple Katsura are cold-tolerant (some people have apparently had success growing them in the...
  4. Cerauno

    Alpine species: Indoor or Outdoor?

    I live in Montana, USA, in the Northern Rocky Mountains. I've been attempting to grow three seedlings which I took out of the "wild" (if you can call around my neighborhood wild), all of which are native subalpine/alpine trees. I have two Rocky Mountain Maple babies, and a tiny Douglas fir. I...
  5. armetisius

    WTH? why am I here again?

    I don't usually gripe like this however: I live in the deep South and this morning it is 25F with a wind chill of 16F. It is 29F in Washington DC [around 8 hours' drive north of me] right now. I hate cold. This is BS.
  6. JoeR

    Cold Stratification of Seeds.... Fridge or Outside?

    As many of my threads have indicated, I am starting tons of Seeds this winter. Hopefully as you know, all seeds can benefit from cold stratification. Not necessary for some but germination rates do increase. So I have been reading M. Dirr's propagation manual (absolute MUST have for your book...
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