crispy leaves

  1. C

    Crispy Juniper tips and wilting shoots.

    New Juniper owner here. Received three junipers in the mail about two weeks ago. Did some slight pruning, and watered them daily when the soil felt slightly dry. They have direct sun for about 4-5 hrs throughout the day. I went on a trip for about five days, and asked someone to water them...
  2. S

    Crispy edges and dark spots on new acquisition

    Hello, I am a long time lurker that is dipping my toe in the water for the first time. I acquired a lovely Japanese Maple last weekend. I don't know where whether it came from near or far. At first I thought it might have gotten a bit sunburned on new tips but as I look closer, I see some...
  3. HeroAKKD

    My Bonsai branches are turning dried and crispy one by one... Help please

    Hello and welcome all ! I have bought a bonsai tree last October. I was told by the seller that this is a 10 year old indoor tree and I suspect it is a privet although I had not found a single image that shows a tree with leaves that are the same as mine. For the bast 7 months the leaves on...
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